Modern Day Affiliate Marketers Can Learn A Huge Lesson From Henry Ford

by Mike Makler - Date: 2007-06-20 - Word Count: 460 Share This!

Henry Ford took some Newspapers to court because they wrote articles about how stupid he was. The Newspaper's Lawyers were asking Henry Ford Many Questions while he was on the Witness Stand to try and prove he truly was stupid. Henry Ford soon got fed out and exclaimed why do I need to know the answer when I have assembled a Mastermind Team of some of the greatest minds in the Country around Me. In the Interent Age anyone can assemble a Great MasterMind Team just like Henry Ford did.

Every Online Marketer needs a Mastermind Team, do you have one?

It is important that you have access to a person or group of people you can seek out for help, Do you have such access?

Do you take advantage of your Mastermind Team?

Do you know how and where to Find a Mastermind Team?

Here are the 7 Elements to a Good Mastermind teams how many do you use?

1 - Local user groups. Try and find people in your area who you can meet with on a regular basis to see what works and what doesn't. If their isn't a group in your area start one. Use a local community center for an inexpensive meeting place or perhaps a restaurant with a Private or semi private room.

2 - Teleconferences. Does your affiliate Program offer teleconferences. How many do you attend. Do you just listen, lead or participate in these Teleconferences. I make it a habit to attend 3 or 4 Teleconferences weekly

3 - Webinars. A Webinar is similar to a Teleconference and often involves logging into a web site where live demonstrations can take place while you dial in on a the Phone. I recommend you take advantage of these when they are offered

4 - Forums. Do you use online forums. Do you Post questions and comments as well as answer them. Online Forums are a great way to build and Maintain a Mastermind team,

5 - Online Video and Audio Training. There are many places online where you can get great Video and Audio Training from top Affiliate Marketers often for Free how many do you listen to weekly.

6 - E-Books Have you ever read an E-Book. Some of the Newer Ebooks have Audio and Video Embedded right in the Book, These are great additions to your Mastermind Team

7 - E-Course. E Courses are another great resource they are similar to e-books but often come a lesson at a tome via E-Mail. I get Daily E-courses from many of my affiliate Programs

Don't forget about regional and national conferences. Seminars and classes are a great way to find mastermind team members, I was drove 8 hours round trip to attend a 3 hour marketing seminar where I met a key member of my Mastermind Team

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