5 Of The Biggest Weight Loss Myths

by Mark McDonald - Date: 2007-04-17 - Word Count: 516 Share This!

Low fat diets

Low fat diets have had many people fooled for years, and with the result just about every brand has come up with a low fat or fat free alternative at a higher price of course, but do not be fooled any longer. Our bodies need certain amounts of fat to survive and actually help us to lose weight. Unsaturated fats are the good fats and can be found in most "fatty" foods as well avocados, nuts, others. The real culprit to gaining weight is sugar. It is not the high fat content in chocolates, pizza, sauces, and sweets that cause weight gain, but the sugar content. Sugar is used to make fat free products taste much better, so most fat free "diet" products actually have more sugar then their normal counterparts. Sugar is turned into glucose, or energy, by the body and when you have too mush of it, it is stored in the fat reserves until you need it.

Eat less

Eating less is good to a point. When you think that you have to eat less to lose weight you could be in actual fact going in reverse. The body needs a certain amount of food to be able to burn calories and then use up existing calories, so you must not cut out food all together. The metabolism slows down, making it even more difficult to lose weight. You should eat smaller meals more often and do not skip meals.

Fruit and Vegetables only

Some people realize that eating fresh foods can help in their weight loss effort, but it is a myth that only eating fruits and vegetables will help you to lose weight. Your body needs other minerals and vitamins which will help you to lose weight that are only found in fish, chicken, red meats and fats. Eat everything in moderation and eat an average portion of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Can be done in a few weeks

No exercise routine, pill, or program can make you lose weight successfully in a few weeks. While some products can give the appearance of weight loss, it could only be temporary and you will end up gaining the weight again plus more. Pills are not good for your health and even the natural ones that aim to boost the metabolism will work without effort from you. They can assist along with good eating habits and exercise.

Sit ups will get rid of flab

Sit ups will not get rid of flab and make you lose weight around your mid section. The bodies fat reserves are all spread over the while body and you will lose weight equally and the same time. This is why most people get frustrated that they seem to be losing weight on their fingers and toes first, when in actual fact they are losing everywhere, but only notice it there first. The tummy will take a while to lose its fat reserves and sit ups will only work the muscles underneath all that fat. Only cardio vascular exercise will improve the body's rate of calorie conversion to energy.

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This article was written by Mark McDonald as a dedication to Jacob at:www.whatwouldjacobdo.com He's 438 lbs. and Running the Boston Marathon; anamazingly inspirational weightloss story

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