Trying to Conceive a Boy - Au Natural

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We all know how much it hurts to want something that bad, and yet know that you might not ever get what you want. If you are desperately trying to conceive a boy, then every time you see a mother with her little son walking down the street, you could sob. Every time you see a blue teddy, or even a pack of boys nappies on the supermarket shelf, your heart aches just a little more.

If you're trying to conceive a boy, your mind maybe full of thoughts about trains, action men, and mud pies. After all that's what little boys like the most!. But how can you get to the stage where your cupboards are full of toy soldiers and lego? If only the process were easy... blue pill for a boy, pink pill for a girl, unfortunately we all know that life isn't like that! (well not yet anyhow!)

You would be forgiven for thinking that choosing the gender of your next baby, and trying to conceive a boy would have to be done by medical means. It was only a couple of years ago that I discovered there is in fact alternative methods of choosing the sex of your baby.

Trying to conceive a boy - Medical versus Natural

Microsort, the Ericsson method, sperm spinning, may just be a way to make some medical professionals richer than they already are, and leave a hole in your bank balance. Are these methods going to guarantee you a baby with the gender of your choice? - Absolutely not (they won't even guarantee that you will end up pregnant)

In some countries is medical gender selection ethical, or is it even legal - No!
But what about 'natural gender selection'? How can anyone stop you, or even judge you for making slight alterations to your lifestyle, diet and timing of intercourse, when you're trying to conceive a boy or a girl?... Surely they can't. All that you are going to do is arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to complete the task! It's rather like learning a recipe for baking a cake!

Natural gender selection ties in the 3 main elements above, and prepares your body for selecting a certain gender during conception. Certain factors in your body make this possible. PH levels, knowing when you ovulate, and knowing the best positions and times for intercourse will all help the natural gender selection process along.

So for those people that are trying to conceive a boy, or a girl for that matter, wouldn't it be handy if you didn't have to pay out thousands of dollars, wouldn't it be even better if you didn't have to go through invasive medical procedures! And wouldn't it be wonderful if you knew that the natural methods give you just as much chance, if not a better chance of baby sex selection than the high end medical methods.

To find out more about the alternative methods of trying to conceive a boy, join me - Julie at: Conceiving a boy.

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I'm Julie, mum of two beautiful but very demanding kids!
After trying for 3 years to get pregnant with my first child, and then knowing nothing about babies when he did come along. I picked up loads of great advice along the way.
I have created my web site to help ease women naturally into motherhood. So grab a cuppa and take a look around my site, dedicated to all the mothers of the world, new and not so new! Motherhood is a joyous occasion, make it the best time in your life!

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