Email Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business Opportunity

by Byron Walker - Date: 2008-07-18 - Word Count: 584 Share This!

Marketing an online business with email campaigns can produce the highest return on your money and time. Done right, email marketing can produce the most immediate sales for your business. Follow the suggestions below to maximize your email marketing campaigns.

= Subject line tips

Keep subject lines simple and friendly. The more it sounds like a promotion the less effective it is.

Creating curiosity and using questions in your subject line is a powerful way to get your prospects to open your email.

On occasion, use the prospect's first name in the subject line. This can be done automatically when using a good email service provider.

Spam filters often times will catch emails that use punctuation marks, although comma marks are usually okay to use. Using all caps and sales words such as "free" are also picked up by spam filters.

= Email body tips

Most people don't enjoy or have time to read long emails. Have a short message and sell the idea of clicking on a link for more information.

Most people will quickly scan an email before deciding to read it. Make your emails appealing to the eye by using short text lines of 30 to 50 characters and 1 to 3 sentence paragraphs.

Suggested fonts to use are Calibri, Cambria or Verdana in 12 to 14 font size.

Spam filters may catch emails using too many graphics, using multiple font types or using various spam words. Common spam words include; Free, Make $x per week, click here, etc.

Assume the reader doesn't know who you are. Most prospects reading your email are going to be asking themselves; "So What, How Does This Effect Me?". Keep this in mind and get to the point quickly.

The use of "P.S." at the end of an email is an effective way to get your reader to take action. The people who scan an email will often times go straight to the bottom of an email and read the P.S. section first. Make sure you have a compelling P.S. for them to read.

Using your prospect's name in an email is an effective way to keep their interest but don't over do it.

= Using email service providers

Anyone with a prospect list larger then 20 people should be using an email service provider such as Aweber, Icontact or Constant Contact. These companies store all of your email addresses, deliver your emails and manage your unsubscribe and bounce lists.

Email service providers also provide auto responder systems which allow you to send out a series of emails to new prospects that opt into your list. People often times need to see something several times before deciding to buy.

= 3 types of opt in lists

When collecting new email addresses, there are 3 methods of having someone opt in to your list. There is a basic "opt in" where someone gives their email address and nothing else is done. There is an "opt in with notification" which immediately sends the prospect a welcome email reminding them they joined the list. And then there is the "double opt in list" which requires the prospect to agree to receive future emails by clicking on a link within an email that is immediately sent to them.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages but most email marketers use the "opt in with notification" method. While the "double opt in" method produces a higher quality list, we have found that 40% to 60% of prospects never finish the double opt in process, thus reducing your list size dramatically.

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