About Teenagers and Stroke

by Keith Londrie - Date: 2007-05-19 - Word Count: 427 Share This!

There are so many teens out there that are taking the risks of using marijuana and not even realizing the dangers that they are in. teens out there smoking pot are leading themselves into great danger more than what parents out there even realize I am sure. Anyone that uses marijuana on occasion is putting his or her body at risk for a stroke.

There are many doctors and scientists that are studying this fact now. They are concerned that many teens are putting their own life at risk to have a few moments of freedom and intensity when they are smoking marijuana. It is important that parents and teens know that they are not doing something that is going to help them but only hurt them for their future and their life ahead.

It is not ok to even use marijuana one time. However the more that you use, the more that you are putting your body at risk for a stroke. Marijuana is hard on the body and will take its effect on the heart and can cause stroke or even heart attack. There are so many young people dying for the chance to get their buzz on and this is literally. It is not worth the chance or the risk to end your life with a stroke because of using drugs.

There are many teens that go to parties and have the peer pressure put upon them to do marijuana. This is something that they think is cool and that will not hurt them. However they could not be more wrong. It is a dangerous drug and one that can bring them great harm by clogging up their blood flow and causing them to have a stroke.

There are so many books and articles that you can get your child to read about on this subject. Telling that what the danger of a stroke is and what they can do to their body is important. It is very necessary to sit down with them and have this open-minded talk before it is too late.

It is important for parents and guardians to know that they can prevent this terrible tragedy from happening to children and teenagers around the world. Telling them about the dangers of marijuana and all that it can do to the body and leave them disabled from a terrible stroke or even bring them to death should be brought to their attention. This will help them to better understand the dangers so that they are not thinking about trying it even for one time.

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