Toyota needs no introduction. Toyota is one the most sold cars in the world and sure has a large market share in the United Sta" />

Altis Cruisetronic Experience

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span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman";">Toyota needs no introduction. Toyota is one the most sold cars in the world and sure has a large market share in the United States, but a small market share in Europe. It also sells vehicles in Africa and is a market leader in Australia. Due to its Daihatsu subsidiary it has significant market shares in several fast-growing Southeast Asian countries.

The Toyota Corolla has always been a legendary car that has become synonymous with dependability. The Altis Cruisetronic is the 10th generation sedan of Toyota and the design is a dramatic departure from the succession of previous models that we've become so familiar with. The new Altis Cruisetronic follows a newer 'wide and low' design concept with a significantly wider body, wider tread and a bolder look. Toyota has introduced press lines and sweep cut pillars in the design which seek to bring motion in the car even while it is parked, and they've gone for sporty looking front headlamps to express assertiveness.

At 4,540 mm long, 1,760 mm wide, and 1,480 mm high, the Altis is 10 mm longer, 60 mm wider and 20 mm lower than previous models. The wheelbase, however, is unchanged at 2,600 mm, but with the wider track and lower centre of gravity, the handling has improved. The extra width also improves cabin space.

The Altis feels roomy and spacious. The interior of the Altis Cruisetronic is based in a new Grege color scheme. Ergonomically designed, the interior promises maximum comfort during travel. The console and door trim is silhouetted in silver, and the wooden
paneling and wooden shift lever look elegant. The plush leather seats too are comfortable. Furthermore the switches and controls in the car feel more on-par with base models than a luxury sedan. Have you experienced Altis Cruisetronic yet?

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