Beating Rainy Day Blues

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Wondering what to do when the weather has you down? There are lots of activities parents might suggest, but many have been shunned or are not as wholesome as you might prefer. Rather than sitting around all day in front of the television, try something new.

Family Togetherness

Do something as a family. Use the weather as the perfect excuse to head to the mall for a little family bonding time. Pop into everyone's favorite store and pick out a little something new. Rain or snow makes it hard to keep from getting restless, but a brisk walk inside a closed mall might make things fun, and if you stop for smoothies or coffee drinks and encourage conversation, all the better!

Something Different

Being stuck in the house doesn't mean things have to be exactly the same. Sure it might be easy to tell kids to go put in a movie or play with their toys, but be ready for them to sigh heavily and profess their boredom. If you are not a huge fan of video games, but your kids are, go and rent them something new. If you sit and play with them, it will make the experience more meaningful to everyone and you might just get hooked.

If you'd rather leave the television off, give your kids a rare treat. Let them see your old slides or photo albums. Perhaps you can make cookies, or if it's a particularly bad day weather-wise, show your kids how to make bread from scratch. Kneading a few loaves might burn off a little energy.

Go Online

The computer is a scary place for parents sometimes, but there are tons of great sites that don't have predators or unhealthy motives. Find education games or websites that boost creativity. Find a site, such as The Doll Palace with dress up girls, and let your kids experiment with fashion. Encourage story telling and creativity. Let your kids have a contest on who can dress up girls the best and then make them tell you all about their creations.

There are lots of other things to do on the internet besides dress up girls and games, however. Try finding online communities that appeal to their interests and let them loose. If your son is into trains or sharks, there are plenty of sites that specialize in those topics and most are education based. Read articles, play educational games, try puzzles, and let them search. The internet does have dangerous content, but with parents helping children understand what a good site is and what it's not, you are empowering them for the future and teaching crucial lessons we didn't have to worry about until just a few years ago.

Have Fun

Regardless of what activity (or activities) you chose for the day, have fun. Childhood is so fleeting that many parents wish they had spent more time with their children while they could. If soccer practice gets rained out or your kids can't go outside in a thunderstorm, encourage family fun. Spending time together is crucial to happy families, and rainy days might be one of the best chances you get!

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