Stop Drinking And Your Pregnancy

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It's quite amazing really that on average nine out of ten women actually enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage. But what most women don't know is what limit of alcohol can be consumed while pregnant and that many doctors are saying that this behaviour can lead to birth defects. The simple fact of the matter is that the alcohol passes into the placenta and directly into the foetuse's bloodstream which can lead to stunting its growth. This is serious so let's just look into this a bit more.

Every drop of alcohol will pass into the baby's blood supply and during the first three months this can be critical for the normal development of the baby's brain and body. So the damage being caused is blatantly obvious and it's not always the short term development that is being affected as it can also affect the long term development too. Statistics prove that babies who have to put up with alcohol in their bloodstream will go on to be alcoholics in later life.

Just what will be effected during your pregnancy? The way your baby is developing in your womb. Your baby's health. Your own health. Drinking alcohol will cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Your child's learning ability. Drinking alcohol has been known to increase the risk of a miscarriage. Malformation of your baby's heart and other developing organs. Stillbirth. Your baby being susceptible to illness later on in adult life.

Another very important point that not many women know is that drinking is also dangerous just prior to pregnancy and is in fact the most dangerous stage at which the baby's development can be affected. It is also important to know that cutting back on alcohol will make all the difference to your baby's health and that once any damage has been caused, it is irreversible. Think twice before you have another drink and think about the baby inside you first.

So just to sum up really and I can only stress the point that if you are or considering to become pregnant, that you quit drinking now. Another relevant point is that if your partner is a heavy drinker it could lead to a lower than average sperm count, so maybe you could support each other in giving up alcohol. If you need support you can find some really good reviews at always.

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