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by Bryan Super - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 462 Share This!

The "Rich Jerk" uses a marketing technique called anti-marketing. He decided to act like a jerk on his sales page. Beside the fact that the sales page is kind of annoying, there is some very useful information inside the ebook, especially if you are looking to make money on the internet.

The Rich Jerk is quite unique in his marketing methods. He really doesn't care if you buy his book or not. He knows it works and he knows he is rich. He has a very straightfoward attitude as does the excellent ebook he has developed. The ebook focuses on how to make money online. The Rich Jerk has included all his methods that have netted him millions of dollars over the past several years.

The "Rich Jerk" really came through with his ebook. Even though his anti-marketing method may upset some people, the bottom line is that the information contained inside the ebook is accurate and it works! The techniques will guide you along the right path from start to finish. I think this is where many people trying to make money online fail. They don't know where to start. After you read this ebook you will be that much more ahead of the game.

The Rich Jerk is in an easy to read format and he gets right to the point. There is no clutter and stories, just the information you need to make money. I would say anyone could pick up this ebook, apply the strategies withing, and make money online. I would suggest this ebook to anyone because it is great for the experienced or for the newbie because chapter 8 is devoted entirely to beginners and covers creating web sites and signing up for affiliate programs. With this type of business you could have your website up and running in as little as 1 day and starting to bring in sales.

The Rich Jerk has made millions of dollars selling other people's products. This is also known as affiliate marketing. He takes you through the steps of picking which affiliate programs to sign up for and then tells you how to write a sales letter that will actually produce sales for the product you are promoting. Also, those of you who are ebay fans, there a whole chapter devoted to how to make money on ebay by selling wholesale items. There is a great list of legitimate wholesale dropshippers. If you are looking for a reliable wholesaler then you are killing two birds with one stone by purchasing the Rich Jerk.

In conclusion the information contained in the "Rich Jerk" is top of the line. With information and strategies to make money ranging from affiliate marketing to ebay to using pay per click ads, the Rich Jerk is a great buy.

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