Stretch Marks, Cellulite And Pregnancy

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With pregnancy, a formerly flat stomach and trim figure may be ruined if one is not careful. Prevention is better than cure, so tackle each even before you get pregnant.

Let's start with stretch marks. They aren't exactly caused by stretching your skin, but more by hormones and the destruction of the elastin that supports your skin as your body grows faster than the supporting structure in your skin can accomodate. Stretch marks are scars. Torn skin.

Initally, it shows as angry red or purple lines which over the years fade to silvery lines.

What can you do about it?

During your pregnancy, slather on cocoa butter or aloe vera gel or a stretch mark cream for pregnancy on your belly, arms, breasts and everything that is growing to keep skin elastic as it expands.
After giving birth, continue using stretch mark products on your belly and the rest of your body as you work to reduce weight.

Cellulite is a different story. Women are more likely to get them and they can happen on slim women too.

Basically, cellulite is fat. Lumpy fat that shows up between the fibers that support your skin. As for skinny girls having cellulite, another school of thought is that cellulite is caused by toxins and even skinny girls may have toxic bodies. In this case, toxins and fluids accumulate in fat cells, causing them to bulge and show up as lumps through the connective tissue in the skin, leading to cellulite.

When you are pregnant, watch what you eat. Eat healthy food, make sure you get all the nutrients your baby will require but don't eat junk. A healthy weight gain of 10 kg max should suffice if your baby is big. Do gentle exercise when pregnant. Swimming is good if you are already a swimmer.

Two things you can do about cellulite after your pregnancy.

1. Reduce your body fat
2. Detox

Basically, a healthy diet, exercise and cutting out junk food should help the cellulite problem tremendously. And there is the quick fix of cellulite creams that contain caffeine and other ingredients that shrink fat cells temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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