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Communication to humans is a unique feature; made simpler with the introduction of technological tools such as telephone services which enable an organization serve its communication needs and largely influence its level of success.

Therefore the Virtual Office is another modern communication tool that enables users keep in touch with the business world and reduce both human and material cost. It helps small and work at home businesses compete with the big organizations by making use of the same tools that are available to them.

Virtual Office features:

1. The provision of distinct telephone numbers answered in the company's name and introduced by a receptionist.

2. Calls are sent to company's voicemail and with faxes, forwarded to company's e-mail.

3. voicemail storage facilities usually accessible 24/7 with a remote setup retrieval system by company.

4. Provision of virtual address for business documents.

5. Automated call handling that helps screen calls. Especially when screening prospective employees.

6. 4-15 separately recorded messages that are accessible by callers giving out designated messages as required by caller ( Virtual Office Notice Board).

7. Meeting rooms on rental basis for business contacts between clients.


Modern telephone systems thrives on Virtual communication due to its speed and convenience, hence the introduction of VoIP. VoIP refers to the Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the transmission of voice and data over Internet Protocol based networks. Also known as IP Telephony, Broadband Telephony or Voice over Broadband. Companies that provide VoIP services are referred to as VoIP Providers and all come with their uniqueness in terms of service plan.

VoIP's unique services:

1. Cheaper service plan than conventional telephone.

2. VoIP calls are place-able to any location at flat monthly rates.

3. The same internet connection for both data and voice communication thereby removing the extra charges except per minute fees for long distance calls.

4. Transmits more than one call simultaneously using the same broadband connected telephone line.

5. Includes Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) attributes in its service pack. Such as: 3- way calling, call forwarding, automatic redial and caller I.D all without extra charges.

6. VoIP phones provides video conversation/ message, audio conferencing, chatting etc.

Types of VoIP Calls:

1. PC - to- PC calls, headphone inclusive (VoIP to VoIP calls)2. PC - to- Phone calls ( PSTN network to VoIP).

PBX and Centrex

PBX is another tool in an information savvy world like ours. It refers to Private Branch Exchange, a private telephone network usually within an organization serving the internal information needs of the firm. For most large and medium scale firms, PBX is inevitable. It helps reduce costs and time due to its usage of only 3-4 digits in dialing links.

Centrex means Central Office Exchange. Its the same as PBX but with connectivity from a local telephone office (provider). The service provider owns and manages all communication gadgets that are required for Centrex.

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