Piano Teachers: Make Sure Your Kids Get The Best

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You might want your kid to take piano lessons, or maybe she's shown interest in it herself. Whatever be the motivation, you need to start looking for piano teachers. Depending on the size of your town or city, you may have many choices or just a few. But, it is important to carefully consider all your options before hiring one.

So, how can you decide whether you've chosen the right trainer for your child? Here is a checklist to know more about all potential instructors:


This is the very first step. Look through the yellow pages and get referral from friends for potential hires. From the list, schedule an interview with each one. If they won't grant an interview or want to charge for it, well, keep looking. This is where you find out all of the following information:


Yes, while it is important that the parents get along with her, it is as crucial for the kid to like her and feel comfortable with her. Arrange a meet and greet before or after the interview between the instructor and your son/daughter. When personalities clash, not much learning is going to happen.


As your little one progresses, they may need to graduate to different piano teachers. While some may be qualified to impart the basics, they may not be the right fit for more complicated theories and skills. But, at every level, you should make sure that she has experience in the basics. You need not waste your time and money on someone who is ineffectual as a trainer.


There are a lot of different methods available that cater to the way children learn. You know your kid best. So, ask about each method and what she uses. Is your child a hands-on learner or a by-the-book kind? Should she start by learning chords or reading the notes?

Are stimulating pictures necessary or should it be all black and white? Most of all, you should know whether the instructor knows different methods and whether she can accommodate your child's learning abilities.


While the method is the discipline she uses, technique is how she approaches the discipline and tailors it to suit each kid. Is she flexible and patient? Children can get frustrated or bored quickly. So, it is important that she understands the need for breaks as well as for positive reinforcement.

Piano teachers who understand that the lesson should be fun are a great fit for kids. There is no reason for a child to dread going to her lesson.

What you do now impacts whether or not your child will want to stick with the lessons or if she will beg you to let her quit after just a few sessions. Piano teachers are not all the same; find the right one for your child.

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