3 Bonuses To Success University's Already Stellar Program

by Robert Palmer - Date: 2007-11-29 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

It is not very often that you will come across a program to the likes of Success University. From its 60% pay out to the incredible product to the high residual income opportunity, there is nothing but positives from top to bottom. And if that were not enough, there are 3 bonuses you can receive from Success University as well.

1. Weekly Fast-Start Bonuses
The weekly fast-start bonus has to do with each premium student that you personally enroll. Every time you enroll a premium student, you earn a weekly Fast-Start check that ranges from $20 to $40 depending on your rank. If you are a student you earn $20, a counselor earns $25 and so on all the way up to vice president earning $40.

Along with the fast-start bonuses, you can also earn infinity bonuses as you move up in rank. If you are a counselor, you earn the $25 fast-start bonus as well as a $5 infinity bonus. You can earn infinity bonuses all the way up to $20 for each enrollment. Therefore, you have the potential to earn $60 in bonuses just off of one sale if you are a vice-president.

2. Weekly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses
As you begin to enroll people, you will have a tracking center that can help you track all of the sales in your downline infinite levels deep. The tracking center will have a left team and a right team to keep track of. To earn weekly team infinity bonuses, you must have at least one person on the left and right team. Then, you earn a commission check weekly of up to $40 each time your organization creates 6 premium students.

The sales counted can include any sales or members added by anyone on either team. The only rule is that there must be at least one member that you personally enrolled on each of the two teams. As well as anyone on your downline, sales made by those above you count as well, known as spillover.

3. Monthly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses
The way the monthly dual team infinity bonuses work depends on how many qualified premium students you have in your organization. You can make up to $40 per month for every 6 monthly tuitions plan you have. This means that if your team has 60 students in it, you can earn a $400 bonus. For 600 students you earn a $4,000 bonus and so on. You will not find a better compensation plan on the internet then you will with this.

Success University is the home business that everyone has been looking for. There are no other businesses or programs that offer what Success University does and the potential to become rich is there.
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