List Building - List Building Basics for the Beginning List Builder III

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-04-11 - Word Count: 274 Share This!

So now that I've built a squeeze page the next most important thing that I can do as a list building beginner is to drive traffic to my website, to the squeeze page.

And the quality of that traffic is extremely important. If you are sending traffic to your website that is not of high-quality, then it is going to convert a much lower rate on a squeeze page or, what is worse is that it might actually convert well to the squeeze page, but then that traffic doesn't open their e-mails, never purchases from you, etc. etc..

So quality of traffic is extremely important. What are some forms of quality traffic? One of the forms of quality traffic that I prefer specifically is article marketing. Perhaps you have read some of my other articles on article marketing, and you can see that it is the driving force behind my traffic, and my list building.

So what is article marketing? Article marketing is the process of writing articles including links in them to your website, and submitting them to various online article directories. I find that the people who respond to articles that have written, have a particular bond with me and my style, which means they're going to be more susceptible to opting in to my squeeze page, opting in to my opt in e-mail list, in purchasing things from me that I have produced.

I find the people who respond my articles are much more targeted than someone who simply clicks a link of some sort in a search engine, whether it's natural search engine, or gaining search engine results, or from sponsored search engine results.

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