A Parent Has a Role to Play in Orthodontic Dental Procedures

by Adriana Noton - Date: 2010-10-19 - Word Count: 557 Share This!

You have been told that your seven year old daughter needs to see an orthodontist. You consult with the orthodontist and he recommends a series of dental procedures. These procedures are aimed at making room for her adult teeth to have room to come in straight. He tells you that it will possibly keep her from having braces when she is older. The intention is to expand her pallet. What do you need to know as a parent about supporting your child in this endeavor?

A parent needs to stay on top of what steps this process will take and how long it will take. This type of orthodontics takes several steps. Each step requires parental understanding and involvement. This involvement involved technical and emotional aspects.

Emotionally you need be there for your child. They may be initially embarrassed to have the appliance attached to their teeth. Children never like to look different and having metal in your mouth can draw attention. Your reassurance is imperative for them to get through this time.

The child also might have challenges starting out speaking. Frustration may set in that they cannot eat certain hard and sticky foods. Their tears can be hard to deal with but they need your tenderness. Remind them it is only for a short period of time and that others in class will have these same appliances either now or in the future.

They may balk at using their headgear when it is time and having their pallet expander adjusted. They might also resist having the rubber bands on when it is time for braces. This is another time for the parent to be firm and make sure that these steps go smoothly. It is hard when your child is uncomfortable but you can remind them it is for a good cause. You do need to listen to them if they are in pain.

If they claim something is really painful make sure you really listen to them. None of the procedures should cause severe pain. If they feel pain you should consult the orthodontist as soon as you can. They might suggest something to ease the pain. They might also have you into the office and discover that there is a problem with the appliance. With the metal there are sometimes pieces that can stick out and rub inside the mouth. These need to be taken care of before they cause damage.

Another way to support the child is to make sure you understand the mechanics of what you need to do before you leave the office. There is a tool involved in expanding the pallet. This tool needs to be used a certain number times of week.

Make sure you understand how to manipulate it before you head home. It may look easy when they do it at the office but you need to try and do it yourself while you are still at the office. If you do not you may not understand it when you get home and have to go back to the orthodontist for a lesson.

The same goes for understanding how to attach headgear and rubber bands. The child needs the reassurance that you know how to use these pieces. It is your job to make sure they are being used properly. The parent has an important role in making sure these dental procedures go smoothly.

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