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You may have heard this already but you are going to hear it again because this is true: Printing materials like flyer and brochure are a sure fire way of marketing and promoting your business. They have proven their worth over time. Up until now, with modern means of getting your messages out there, these materials are still being chosen over them.

But there is always the issue of the prices. It can be noted that prices vary from one printing company to another. In addition, the different qualifications involved in making the materials can directly affect the price you have to pay.

The solution is printing quote. This is where you will be able to compare one price from another. Along with this are the quantities and other specifications that might be just you need.

There are two ways of getting printing quotes. These are:

1. Getting it online.

Online printing quotes are synonymous with convenience. All people have to do is fill out the form given by online printing service.
Clearly specify your needs on the form. This includes the paper to be used, finishing type, color, print run and shipping. As much as possible, be precise in your details so that no misunderstanding will arise later on.

The company usually responds within 24 hours. During that time, they will have the printing quote ready for you.

2. Getting it from customer service representatives.

You also have the option of speaking to the person that can help you in your printing quote request. This is the option that most people go for because they want to clearly voice out what they cannot put in forms.

Moreover, the persons you are speaking to can guide you in deciding the best materials and styles to use for your campaign. Talking with customer representatives also gives you the chance to follow up on your request since you have an actual person to look for.

Upon receiving the printing quote, go over the details very carefully. Check if all the specifications and the prices are accounted for. There might be some things that are overlooked. You can always ask to have changes made.

Have the printing quote mailed to you if you want to have a hard copy. The normal fee would be for the proof and the postage. If you look hard enough, you might even stumble upon a printing service that can give you this for free.

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