5 Things To Check When Printing Cheap Booklets

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In booklet printing, especially if you ordered for cheap booklets, there are things that you need to check out before having them sent to your booklet printer. You may have a lot of savings from printing them cheap; however, the quality might not be what you expect.

To make sure that the booklet printing that you requested will save you money AND still have the best quality you expect, below are some of the things that you need to consider.

1. Check the durability of the cover - Make sure that even if the booklets are cheaply produced, the cover should be the toughest part of the booklet. This is to ensure that you maintain and secure the contents inside. Because what will your target clients read if by the time they get your print catalogs, the pages are already tattered and torn while they were in transit?

2. How was it bound? - You should check the sample booklet print. Check if the adhesive sticks well and check if the paper corners are properly positioned. This is very important since the binding holds the booklets together. Again, it's all about getting your booklet printing intact by the time your target readers get hold of them.

3. Check the quality of the paper - You should carefully check the paper quality of the sample of the cheap booklets. Check how thick or how thin the paper is. Do you think the material will last years or just a number of months? Check the color of the paper - is the paper white or looks like cheap off white.

4. Consider the color quality of the ink - Analyze the sample booklet prints. Check if the ink will fade easily or the ink can run out when exposed to water. Do the images look the same in real life? If they will be able to get the right colors then it will have an appeal to the readers and it will not look as cheap as its price.

5. Check the alignment of the cuts - Lastly, check the sample prints if the cuts for each page of the booklet are in proper alignment. If you can do this, then your booklet printing will look very professional indeed.

These steps are just guides that you can follow when checking the sample prints of your booklet printing. By following most if not all of them can ensure that your print booklets are made of quality materials that will last longer even if they are considered cheap booklets.

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