Grooved Golf Swing Series-Improve Your Putting-Be a Positive Putter-Believe You Can Hole Each Put

by Bill Maitland - Date: 2007-02-12 - Word Count: 516 Share This!

Like any golf shot, you have to prepare to put. On the tee, you prepare with a routine that you go through before you hit your drive, don't you? What do you do? You might have a couple of practice swings. Then you will stand for a moment and visualize the shot. How you will hit the ball and see the flight of the ball and where it will land. With all this in mind, you then hit your ball and most likely it will be a very good golf shot.

A put is a golf shot and you should also have a routine before you attempt each put. If you do not have a routine, I would advise you to develop one. You just have to have a routine to help you sink more puts.

Expect to put the ball into the hole with your put. Be confident. See it falling into the hole. Do not think of missing. Be surprised when you miss. One thing is for sure. It almost certainly will miss if you have negative thoughts about the outcome of your put. I assure you, believing you will sink your put will cause you to sink far more puts.

I remember having a put once and the ball hit the back of the hole with a thud. I had hit it a little too hard. One of the four with whom I was playing made a comment about how far the ball would have gone had I missed. I answered that I had not thought about that and nor had I expected to miss. It just had not occurred to me. I often think about that event when I need some confidence with a difficult put.

Tell yourself you are a great putter all the time and soon you will begin to believe it and then you will start to sink your puts more regularly. Have a look at the path of the put and see how much break there is and in which direction it is. Work out your line with this new knowledge. Then consider the speed and this will tell you how far to take your putter head back in the back swing.

Then form a positive picture of the ball dropping into the hole. Tell yourself you are going to make this put.

Then when you have decided on break, line and speed of the put, commit totally to the execution of the plan that has resulted from you initial research. Hit the ball with confidence and faith and you will surprise yourself. It is the same principle as when you decide how to pitch onto the green or hit your drive. Work out the shot, commit to it totally, put every other possibility out of your mind and hit the shot to the best of your ability. It is pointless to do all this research and then stand over your put with several negative thoughts in your head and not hit the ball the way you had decided. As I have said, commit and put every other thought out of your head.

Good putting.

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