The Value of Hot Tub Covers

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Hot tubs are one of the popular small pools at home as well as hotels with heated water to relax and massage your body with plenty of jets and also one of the mode of hydrotherapy. Portable hot tubs are good options for those lacking space in house and living in cold regions. Hot tubs uses many types of heating systems like electric, natural gas as well as solar energies. Depending upon your place and budget you get more flexibility of choice with these varieties of hot tubs available in the market.

Portable hot tubs prove themselves to be user-friendly hot tub spa, as they can be moved around in the house according to your comfort and are best suited for a rented house because of its flexibility of relocation. Understanding your needs manufacturers are producing hot tubs in a variety of sizes with a huge range of accessories among which hot tub covers have proven to be great investment for spa owners.

Hot tub spa covers serves four major purposes. One, they keep your hot tub clean and out of impurities like bugs, twigs, leaves, and other countless unwanted items. Second, they work as a safety measure by covering spa to save small kids or pets from falling into it. Third, spa covers reduce most if not all of the evaporative losses from the pool and retain heat, keeping your heating bills low. Fourth, they protect hot tub shells from direct rays of sun as they can damage hot tubs.

Over the time your hot tub covers call for replacement as they become heavy, waterlogged as well as moldy. The quality of a hot tub is detected from its R-value, which is a material's ability to resist the flow of heat. The higher the R-value of the hot tub spa, the better it is. Standard hot tub covers run around R-value 12-15.

An outdoor hot tub is more prone to damages than an indoor one because of its exposure to atmospheric elements.

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