Skateboarding Priest Is Internet Sensation

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Skateboarding has always tapped into counter cultures, an expression of youth and attitude, which might explain why a middle aged Catholic priest has become such a sensational hit. Father Lendavi, a Hungarian Catholic priest, has caused much hilarity and attention for spreading the word of God in an unusual manner - by preaching to teenagers and kids while showing off his moves on his skateboard.

The clip of Rev Zoltan Lendavi has become a You Tube sensation, with over 170,000 hits and news coverage in the nationals. The Telegraph reported on the 'Funny Priest Skateboarding' You Tube clip which features Lendavi in head to toe black clerical dress levitating on his skateboard and busting his moves outside his church in the small Hungarian village called Redics. Skateboards and longboards tend to be designed with sub-culture art or graffiti, but Father Lendavi's skateboard is thought to be the first of its kind to be decorated with the Papa coat of arms. The priest felt his skateboard skills would be a good way to reach a younger audience to try and raise awareness of church going and attract a more youthful demographic. He was quoted in the Telegraph as saying: "There are many ways Skateboarding can help bring people closer to God.""

The skateboarding priest however isn't just a gimmick, Father Lendavi was a skating fan since his teens. The idea of using his skateboard to reach young people he said wasn't a new one - Father Lendavi referred to Saint John Bosco who used games to help improve the lives of young people. It might be an unlikely mix to swap longboarding skills while preaching the word of God, but Father Lendavi says his approach is already showing dividends.

The cool image of skateboarding is also finding itself attacked by another unlikely intruder - Murray Walker, the 87-year-old racing commentator will be appearing as a skateboarding ace on the children's TV show, Roary The Racing Car. The broadcasting veteran will have an animated version of himself who will show a little more athleticism than the real life star - doing back flips and skate stunts in the hit kids' show. Mr Walker told the Press Association: "Who would have thought that at 87 years, I could perform a routine including a body jar, tailslide, double backflip and a caballerial - it's extraordinary!"

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