Erection Problems - the Solution is to Get More Nitric Oxide

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Nitric oxide is the key to an erection and without sufficient realize of it by the body no erection will ever be obtained and lack of it is a major cause of erection problems. The good news is you can get it safely and naturally, here's how.

Before we look at how to get it, let's look at the exact role it plays in the erection process.

When you get aroused, messages are sent to the blood vessels of the penis and the secretion of nitric oxide starts. When it is secreted it relaxes the blood vessels, they expand, an increased amount of blood is allowed to enter the penis and the net result is an erection.

Why Levels Fall

Nitric oxide naturally declines with age and many men, who think they need more testosterone, actually need more nitric oxide.

Boosting Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide levels are determined to a large degree by a non essential amino acid in the body called L'arginine and when it declines with age, so do nitric oxide levels.

If you take it as a supplement, you can top up your nitric oxide levels. In a controlled test, men with erection problems, who took 2,800 mgs per day for just two weeks, saw 80% of the group, report stronger and harder erections, as well as a general increase in satisfaction and sex drive.

You can also get Nitric Oxide from some Chinese herbs and Cnidium is one of them.

This little known but powerful herb, not only boosts nitric oxide levels, it also boosts blood circulation to the extremities too.

While you need to let blood into the penis, you need enough of it there to start with and if you think about it, this is totally logical; as soon as you are aroused your heart beats faster and pumps blood, so this herb gives you better blood circulation.

Horny Goat weed is also another great herb to enhance nitric oxide and also gives another couple of important benefits, in relation to male sexual health. It helps increase free testosterone in the body and decreases stress and boosts energy, which both help libido.

Get More Nitric Oxide and Other Benefits from the Best Herbal Sex Pills

So if you are looking to solve erection problems, take care of your nitric oxide levels and you will get better and harder erections and the really good news, is you can do it naturally.

All the best herbal sex pills, will contain the above 3 key supplements and many others, to help heal your libido safely and naturally - try them and you maybe glad you did.

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