President Bush Supports Price Negotiations

by Tim Edwards - Date: 2007-02-07 - Word Count: 239 Share This!

A recent article on Merrill Goozner's blog GoozNewz points out that President Bush recently endorsed drug price negotiations. Many have thought the president to be staunchly opposed to letting Medicare negotiate its drug prices with prescription drug manufacturers.

In the president's recent budget, he said:

"Allow Optional Managed Formulary: Allows States to use private sector management techniques to leverage greater discounts through negotiations with drug manufacturers."

The president has been bombarded by critics that say his lack of support for drug price negotiations hurts the poor and working class citizens, while strengthening the large drug manufactures grip on the middle class Americans pocketbook.

Despite popular belief that the President is against drug price negotiations he made a recent press release that said, "What's good enough for states should be good enough for the federal government - and for the millions of seniors and people with disabilities currently being overcharged for necessary drugs. If Medicaid can successfully negotiate for lower prices, Medicare should also be able to get beneficiaries a better deal."

Supporters of drug price negotiations have feared the day that their bill will be set on the president's desk. The president has been very vocal that he did not support Pelosi's recent proposal to let Medicare negotiate its prices, and would not hesitate to use his power to veto. Maybe, just maybe, we will see cheaper prices negotiated for Medicare.

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