Why Your Business is Losing Money by Not Having a Web Site

by Joshua Spaulding - Date: 2006-12-06 - Word Count: 402 Share This!

Think of the last ten people that you have interacted with today. Now just imagine how many of those people have used or will use the Internet in the next 24 hours. Your consensus should relay what I have determined; eighty percent of all consumers use the Internet on a daily basis. With this in mind think of how many customers you could be exposing your business to on a daily business if you only had a simple web site offering your services.

In my opinion most business owners partially realize the importance of an online business but fail to create a web site to endorse it. I believe that this is because business owners are not confident with web site creation and do not realize just how easy it really is. If you own a small, low funded business you can still afford to run your own business web site. If you are a medium to large size business owner you can afford to outsource the creation to a webmaster.

Once many small business owners realize the true value of a web site they are eager to get started. If you plan to create the web site yourself there are tools in which you can invest very little money into that will make the job much simpler. Some of the many valuable tools in which you can invest in are Dreamweaver and Front Page. These are web site builders that will do all of the hard stuff for you like html (the code that makes a web page work).

Almost anyone can create a web site will no knowledge of html or graphic design. Once you get the site going you can invest in some cheap graphic design software programs to give it a fresh look. If you would like to sell products directly from your new web site you can create ways for your customers to pay you via credit card through PayPal. In order to market your site and let it be known to your customers you can place ads in the paper. You can also start learning about Internet marketing in popular discussion forums like the WarriorForum.com.

If you choose not to create your own web site for your small business you are definitely losing a lot of money. If you already have your own then I am sure you have noticed the great increase in profits that a web site generates.

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