A Striking Domain Name Could Be The Key To Success

by Ben Franklin - Date: 2007-01-03 - Word Count: 534 Share This!

If you want a web site or you're already in the process of creating one, you'll find the domain name search can be almost as important as deciding upon the color, style and bells and whistles of the site. A good domain name search can not only help you rule out names that have already been taken, but it can also give you ideas for even better names than what you may have had in mind.

But, why is a domain name search and the name itself all that important? It's a matter of marketing. The more flashy, easy to remember or catchy the name of your domain, the easier it will be to make your web site's name stick in people's minds. This is particularly important for anyone who is doing a search for a business that sells products online, markets services and so on. The easier it is for potential customers to find your site and remember its name, the better.

As you do a domain name search, you're likely to find getting into the process isn't as easy as you might have expected. There are thousands and thousands of domains on the Internet already, so names that sounded good on paper might already be taken. There are, however, thousands and thousands of name ideas left, so take your time as you do your search. Don't compromise to rush the process.

You want to find site names that fit your needs, while marketing your business correctly. If, for example, you want to sell socks online, you don't want to go with a domain that makes it sound like you sell paper. Matching the business during a name search is important, but other factors are equally important in choosing a domain name.

To ensure you get the best domain name for your site, do a search even before you start building your web site. As you look at different names that are available during your search, look for:

* Short domain names that fit your needs. Generally, a good one is one that's less than 21 characters in length - the shorter, the better. Why? Because it's easier for people to remember short names than long ones.

* Steer clear of words in your search that are too long or include extra characters, such as dashes or underscores. These can just been too tough for most people to remember. If you sell rings, for example, a domain that includes rings would be great, but one that's complicated will not be.

* Domain names that have the fewest number of words. Buyrings, for example, could be a great name, but getringsnowhere is just too complex.

As you do a domain name search, if you find the names you've chosen are all taken by other companies, don't despair. Most good sites will offer you an option to look at available alternatives. Scanning these can sometimes net names that are better than the ones you started looking for. If you like a name, reserve it for your business.

Getting a good domain name for a business can be very important. Doing a search can help you find out if the name you want is available and assist you in reserving it for your own personal site.

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