A Predator Pool Table

by James Oneil - Date: 2010-09-01 - Word Count: 254 Share This!

Haven't you noticed that most men have this odd attraction to pool table? They just couldn't stand just watching other play. This is sometimes their way of expressing and showing what they feel and who they really are. I would like to introduce one of the newest and state-of-the-art customized pool table that definitely could turn you upside down because of its unique features that you can expect from a high-end table.

This Predator Pool Table from Hurricane Custom Billiard is an 8 foot board that is a combination of aluminum and apple veneer for frame, a polished glass rail, with a stainless steel cable, black speed felt surface and a multi-bladed sabre pocket design that has a return-ball set up.

This classy piece of billiard brings together the artistic view of action and sci-fi way. With a jaw-dropping tag ranges from $23,000 to $43,200, depending if you want to upgrade it or not. Upgrade covers internal sound system, an etched names, team logo rails or accent lighting.

Because of its designs, it would perfectly fit in your modern decor. With a striking, impressive look and aggressive styles, you will be definitely popular to your buddies. Be prepared with your place if you have this kind of pool table, without any doubt your pals would be there to stay in your place.

This Predator pool table is truly an engineering masterpiece because of its blending design with all you had expected in custom pool tables. It is now the most persevering custom pool table designs on the market.

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