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Gibson Holders, Inc

Gibson Holders display products are ideal for displaying collectible plates, china, boxed coins, framed art, artistic tiles, books, trading cards, achievement awards, memorabilia and scrapbooks. Gibson Holders' display products will showcase your books, products and collectibles.

Use Gibson Holder's Riser Set (3", 4" and 5" risers) to elevate collectables and create depth in a curio cabinet or store counter display.

The Gibson Holders' PL series display stands (1PL, 2PL and 3PL) are ideal for displaying beautiful dinner plates, platters and collectable saucers in dining room hutches or in a living room curio cabinet. Add splash of color and character to a dining room curio by displaying your colorful plate collection upright at the back of the curio on a Gibson Holder 1PL, 2PL or 3PL display stand. Use the Mini easel display stand for small teacup saucers, the 1PL display stand for medium saucers and the 2PL and 3PL display stands for dinner plates and platters.

Beautiful collectable pieces are to be seen and shared with friends and family - elevate your collection!

Do you have a favorite scrapbook that you would like to display? Try the Gibson Holder 6AC three-wire display stand for tall scrapbooks (i.e. 8 1/2" x 11") or the 6A display stand for shorter scrapbooks or photo albums (i.e. 6" x 11").

Use a display stand to display decorative ceramic tiles in your kitchen to add color and character. Try the Gibson Holder 2PL or 3PL display stands, or if you would prefer a wire product, the 2A, 3A or DCW display stands would be ideal. Please see the size charts on the PL series page, the two-wire page, or the three-wire page to view the display stand measurements.

Tired of having your cookbook lie flat on the kitchen counter while you are preparing a dessert or meal? Try the Gibson Holder 3AC or 6AC dispay stand to hold the cookbook upright for easy reading. The 3AC display stand can also be used for holding notepads or data entry materials upright as you enter information into the computer.

Do you have a trading card collector in your household? Display your collectable sports cards, trading cards and playing cards on the Gibson Holders' Mini easel or the 1PL display stand from the PL series.

Gibson Holders, Inc

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