Managing Backup And Recovery Services

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Iceland Seafood International (ISI) has numerous offices located in ten countries and sells seafood products to UK retailers, and in order for the headquarters in Iceland to manage the business on a global scale, it is important that the data generated in all of its satellite offices is protected. ISI was previously using a tape-based backup service, which was not efficient or effective in its subsidiary office locations in the United Kingdom and Germany. The tape-based backup was "just about" manageable in the Iceland offices, but it was proving difficult to manage the tape backups on an international scale: The tapes weren't being changed at the stipulated times, it was difficult to recover data from tapes located all over the world and there was the additional concern of tapes potentially going missing.

SecurStore Remote Backup Service used all its knowledge and experience to bring the most effective and efficient solution to ISI by using Asigra Televaulting. ISI's multi-office corporate structure demanded a backup/restore service that respected remote data and ensured that it is protected to the same level as corporate data. ISI turned to SecurStore to eliminate these problems with their agentless distributed backup software service, which does not require tapes and allows a company with geographically dispersed offices to back up and recover data from a single location. Data protection is assured as encrypted data is backed up via disk over the WAN and stored offsite. SecurStore's high-calibre services guaranteed ISI successful and fast retrieval of any data they require from any office location around the globe.

"Within minutes of starting the test phase of the SecurStore Remote Backup Service we realised the benefits distributed backup and recovery would provide us with, not just from a cost perspective, but also from a global business continuity perspective," said Runar Bjarnthorsson, IT Manager of Iceland Seafood International."We chose SecurStore because their service eliminates the possibility of human error and allows us to protect our entire company's data from every global office location, which can all be managed from our headquarters in Iceland," continued Bjarnthorsson. "We saw very quickly from initial tests how much cost we could save with agentless software by paying for the amount of data stored and not for each machine that is backed up."

SecurStore Remote Backup Service, provides ISI with an agentless backup/recovery environment for the entire organisation, including information residing on desktops, laptops and servers. This allows ISI to protect every system on the network without the hassle of agent-based license fees, agent installation, agent-induced performance loss and annual agent upgrades. Whenever a new PC is added to the ISI network, there is no need for a backup agent to be installed, which is a complex and costly burden. ISI only pays for the total amount of compressed data stored.

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Alexander EIRIKSSON, Director of Securstore Business class Online Backup Service.

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