How to Make Honest Money Online

by Daniel Croft - Date: 2007-03-12 - Word Count: 658 Share This!

There is so much to learn online and many ways to make cash or residual income. Finding the best method to start with is always a challenge against the number of choices out there. It's precisely because of this choice, which can sometimes lead to confusion of where to start. I have always been sceptical on what will actually work in practice or whether it's a scam, until I came across Honest Riches (formally Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed) by Holly Mann. This is a 95 page ebook manual which takes you through making an income online.

The author is Holly Mann, a successful Internet Entrepreneur who acts as a mentor taking you through each step-by-step process for setting up money making techniques, essentially revealing her money making secrets. The book is broken down into 12 chapters:

Chapter 1 + 2 introduces the requirements you may need to consider when starting a business, such as the different types of business entities and the importance of business taxes. Information is provided for both US and UK countries. The concept of affiliate marketing and virtual offices is also explained. This is useful information for those wanting to start a business from countries, which are not in the UK, European Union or US or Canada.

Chapters 3 + 4 explains the concept of Niche marketing in researching opportunities and the benefits which can be gained from making money without a website

Chapter 5 is dedicated to website design and development where careful step-by-step details are given for creating a website and most of it for free. The section explains where to source free web sites, templates and free articles and content for your web site(s) and takes you through tricks to a increase your web site ranking and tracking your web statistics. Using the techniques she also reveals how to increase your web site traffic two fold in a short space of time. These are Really simple methods which may be overlooked by existing website owners.

Chapter 6 introduces and explains the value of open source communities and free software.

Chapters 7 + 8 show you how to make money from a web site and Google using Google AdSense and keyword search engine optimisation techniques.

Chapter 9 discusses the importance of Auto Responders and how to use them to generate money whilst you sleep.

Chapters 10 + 11 discusses Pay Per Click advertising methods and the power of press releases and a whole section dedicated to creating you own e-book.

Chapters 12 the bonus chapter discusses Dropshipping, Wholesalers and Ebay tricks.

The book is rated highly on the Internet, which is evident from the numerous testimonials and success stories of others who have used it to generate income online. As a user of the book I can support everything this book has to offer. If you want information about making money online all in one place I would thoroughly recommend this ebook for obtaining the information in a well written, step-by-step understandable manner.

After reading this book at I can vouch that is the best ebook I have purchased and read (more than 3 times) from the Internet. It has taught me and assisted me in creating an online business whilst generating a substantial residual income. If you wish to make money for a hobby or for financial freedom then this book will set that goal for you.

If there was anything to scrutinize on this ebook then I would say it, but there truly isn't. It's 95 full pages of the current methods you can use to make money online today.

There is a Money back guarantee offered with this ebook, but I doubt after reading this you would need it.

Recommended: for those beginning or considering an online business.

Frances Moore is an online writer and entrepreneur If you are ready to quit your day job and control your own destiny Honest Riches is the answer. More and more people like you are beginning their home business online. Learn how through using step-by-step at

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