How To Overcome Rejection Fears in Relationships

by Royane Real - Date: 2007-01-08 - Word Count: 438 Share This!

Does your fear of being rejected by others lead you to a life of loneliness? You can learn to overcome your rejection fears with practice, and a change in your thinking. You can create the social life you've always wanted.

Do you really want to know the secret to never, ever get rejected by another human being again?

Do you really want to know it?

The way you can be totally rejection-proof is if you give up absolutely all interactions with other human beings for the rest of your life!

Is that something you are really willing to do?

There are occasionally extreme cases of people who adopt this option. For the great majority of us however, giving up all social connection is too high a price to pay to avoid the occasional pain that sometimes accompanies human interactions.

When we give up interacting with others, not only do we give up some occasional pain and discomfort, but we also miss out on all the potential warmth, comfort, fun and excitement that other human beings can offer us.

Remember, if you never put yourself in a situation where someone can say "no" to you, you will also never be in a situation where someone can say "yes" to you.

But, if you are so worried about being rejected by others that it interferes with your social life, there is help available. You can learn to greatly overcome your fear of getting rejected.

Here is a brief summary of steps you can take to overcome your fear of rejection:

- Remind yourself why you want to overcome your fear of rejection. Remind yourself that your goal is to have a happy social life.

- Change what you say to yourself about rejection. Don't tie your self worth to whether or not you get accepted or rejected by other people.

- Take a series of baby steps when developing new relationships.

- Look for signs of receptiveness in the other person.

- Deliberately set out to collect as many rejections as you can

- When you are out making approaches to other people, tell yourself that it's just practice, it doesn't count.

- Make many, many social approaches to other people.

If you actually confront the situations in which you feel anxious, your anxiety may lessen as you become more used to dealing with the feared event. By proving to yourself that you can face up to your fears, they will eventually lose their power over you.

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