I Am The Watcher III

by Conrad Trudelle - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 537 Share This!


Who is my brother
a question to ask
a statement to make

When the question is asked
what limit shall I set
do I look to family only
or go beyond

My brother is
he who needs
no matter where he is
nor who he be
I shall be the one
he shall see

for this I am responsible
and so it shall be


The true measure of a person
is not to be found in his possessions
nor in being recognized by his peers
nor in the fortune he has amassed

the true measure is judged
when in the mirror he looks
and there is no one on whom to affix

Inquire of he who returns your gaze
'Am I who I say I am...


The one who makes the loudest noise
is not always the one
whom deserves the credit they seek
So why do they strive so emphatically
for that to which they have no claim


The places I have been, the feelings experienced,
the sights I have seen, the things done

Combine to produce the sum total of
the perceptions I hold,
no other may change them,
no other is responsible for them.

I am them; they are me
for through them I interact and react

Should I therefore not exercise great care in formulating them.


Individuality is expressed in many ways.
It is not judged by appearance
or other such changeable factors.
Encased in the pod of individuality is
thought process, feelings, and perceptions.

How are we to adjudge these without being the individual we judge.


The most profound act on this earth
that a human can do
is not to give his life that
another might yet live.
It is the raising of our children
to be respectful of another
right to live.


When a man turns his back
on his fellow Human Being
what in reality is he saying?
Are we so caught up in ourselves,
our situations, and our aspirations
that we no longer care for our brothers plight
Have we become so cold to all but personal gain?
I hope not,
for if that is the case
woe be unto us oh mankind
for as our children see us do,
so in kind will they.
With this thought, oh man, will you sleep well tonight


The various methods that are employed
in planning for the future,
should include at least
two episodes of reflection on the past
So we do not repeat the failures already done.


The efforts expended by the few
for the benefit of the many
so that the one in need should receive
are often overlooked
in favor of the acquired results.
Even this is as it should be,
the effort should not be forgotten.


For one to assume
that personal responses are correct
for any given situation without consideration
for the causative factors,
suggests total ignorance of the eventual outcome,
and therefore condemns the person to re-experience the same situation.


Within the realm of possibilities,
lies the area of Human dreams.

In this zone of untold potential
resides an aspect of humanity
left long untouched.

It is this wellspring of strength
that in times of great stress or strain
allows us to survive.

The use of this tool is all to infrequent.
But when it is needed
it never fails to respond

It is our Self-sufficiency

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