Avoid Diabetes Problems - Ensure Your Skin And Feet Are Kept Clean!

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People with diabetes should take care of their skin and feet in order to avoid problems that can be exacerbated by having diabetes in the first place. They should bathe every day and make sure their feet are dried properly and should pay particular attention to their shoes and socks because it is important that their shoes are comfortable and their socks are clean because when your feet are clean you will definitely reduce the risk of possible skin infections. It is also important that you get a lot of rest each day and this includes resting your feet.

Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to skin infection because the elevated blood sugar reduces the effectiveness of bacteria fighting cells. Boils and other skin infections may become dangerous if not properly treated; even a small tiny cut has to be attended to as it can develop into an open sore which can lead to other complications. You should check your feet daily for any bruises, cuts, blisters, and dryness or cracks in the skin. Pay particular attention to in between the toes and also under the toes, press gently with your fingers to see if there may be any possible hotspots or tenderness which may indicate an injury, that you will need to take care of.

Because people who suffer with diabetes have very poor blood circulation in their feet, sometimes they may bruise their feet or get a cut and not feel it because the nerves in their feet are not working well. This is why it has been known that some people have lost their toes or even their feet because of a tiny bruise or cut they might have had and not felt and so it was left unattended. The final result was that toe or foot that had become infected but was not treated in a timely manner had to be removed before gangrene set in.

Furthermore one should take several precautions to avoid diabetes problems such as always wear shoes or slippers around your house and slippers at the beach. This will prevent you getting stuck by a stone or some other sharp object that you might not even feel. Be sure to keep your feet clean at all times and trim those toenails. Do not wear shoes that are too tight for you or socks that can cut of circulation to the feet. Always have some sort of foot care product at your disposal such as Emery boards for calluses, Keri Nivea lanolin based lotion for dry skin, a foot power, and also some sort of antiseptic cream and an antibiotic cream if possible.

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