Tips for Common Types of Label Printing

by Kaye Z. Marks - Date: 2008-09-23 - Word Count: 328 Share This!

Don't  leave your label design for the last minute.  Any company material that will be in the public view needs to be professional and branded with your image. Below is a list of the types of label printing that you may need and tips for designing each one.

The  Product  Label - If your products will be on shelves, then you will need a label so that customers can identify the product with your company.  This label may include a bar code, a list of ingredients, quantity, the product name, the brand name, your company name and contact information, and a short product description.  Make sure that your colors, the image, fonts, and style accurately represent your brand.

The   Promotional  Label - This type of label advertises your company or product.  Give these labels away to customers or retailers for placing on their car, in the window of a store, or any other place they desire.  A promotional label may contain an offer, such as a discounted price, your company name and a tag, or a product name and a tag.  Whatever text is included, it is especially important that your brand is clear since the sticker will be in view of a general audience.

The  Shipping  Label - When mailing your products, use a shipping label imprinted with your logo.  This not only makes your packages recognizable but also helps to establish your brand.  A plain black and white mailing label sends the message that your company is small, which can make prospects wonder if you can handle their larger orders.  Instead, show consumers you can easily handle their orders, no matter how small or large.

Label printing seems such a small part of marketing for a business. In reality, a label plays a very large role because it is so closely associated with products. Take your time when designing labels so that yours market your brand and make your product more desirable than the competing brand sitting next to it on the shelves.

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