Coming Out In Brighton - A Guide To Unconventional Eating

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Brighton is not traditionally known for its stand out food which is fascinating because it seems to be known for its stand out everything else. Hotels, fashion, clubs and bars….but what about the food? What with previous great Brighton restaurants like Black Chapati and One Paston Place closing for bigger things and bigger places, poor Brighton has seen better days. I'm making it my mission to find the best eateries in Brighton now, and to put them on the map.

Gingerman at Drakes hotel is perfect if you like fancy food and fine dining. Some people may find the menu a little over the top or a touch to gamey (this restaurant is not for vegetarians) but if you are looking for a really decadent meal out then this place won't disappoint. Decorated in neutral creams and browns Gingerman has made sure that nothing is there to distract you from the food.

If you're looking for something a little lighter hearted than Gingerman, head down to Due South on Brighton's seafront. Due South has a distinctly fresh feel about it thanks to its simple and tasteful wooden décor and it's great big glass windows that look out onto Brighton's seafront. It's the culinary equivalent of sticking your face out into cooling mist on a hot muggy day. The restaurant has received glowing reviews and is best known for its excellent quality locally sourced food and the freshness of its produce. A must go must eat to anyone who is visiting Brighton.

Terre a Terre is a complete gem of a restaurant. It came second in the Observers restaurant of the year award in 2004 and has continued to provide the residents of Brighton with some of the most inventive and tasty cuisine in the country. I was considering not mentioning that this restaurant is Vegetarian because it hardly matters unless you are medically allergic to vegetables. I would defy vegetarians and meat lovers alike not to be 100% satisfied with any of the gorgeously presented, flavour bursting items on the menu.

L'eglise is last but not l'eglised (yes, ha ha) is a lovely little French ditty in Church Road Hove. The owners are experienced in creating French food and are proud to say that this restaurant is now their family business. The menu is in French and English so do not worry if you have no grasp of the language. The service is really friendly and the food is tasty and satisfying with an "mmm try mine!" quality that l'eglise can be proud of.

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