Anxiety Eating: Weight Adds Up

by Lorraine Roach - Date: 2007-03-05 - Word Count: 475 Share This!

Another month has begun and I still have not been able to get back to the sensible, take control, have self control attitude and frame of mind I was in for over two years.

I do not know really what happened to my plan of action.

During the two year period I had lost sixty six pounds and I was enjoying all the compliments and other perks I was getting health wise.

Every day I started out with the intention of regaining my self control and continuing on with my weight loss goals.

Before the day was through however I had not succeeded in accomplishing this.

The result of my inability to keep motivated had led to a feeling of anxiety that kept getting stronger each time I knew I was not doing the right things for my body.

I could see as well as feel what was happening to my body and I had a feeling of sadness and defeat.

I took the weight off slowly as instructed and had done my homework on nutrition.

There must have been a stress trigger to bump my mind back into the overeating and unmotivated mode.

I believe that I can and will return to my plan of success.

This is the affirmation I will tell myself each night and morning.

Your brain is more willing to accept new ideas at these two times each day according to some fitness and weight management program experts.

I will take action and therefore get results.

I will also forgive myself and give myself permission to keep working towards my goals.

I would encourage and support a friend or a family member so I will treat myself with as much kindness and understanding as well as firmness in the desire to succeed.

The desire to take action is what I think I lost sight of.

There will be triggers in life that will try to sabotage a goal.

This is where your mind can help you.

Just because something has been done one way for so long and there are negative thoughts in your mind does not mean that you can not do a reverse action and by self talk ,reprogram yourself with positive messages .

This can be done through visualization techniques and another action you could take would be journalling.

Picture yourself looking the way you want to and see every detail in your mind.

Doing this everyday will retrain your mind with a positive self image.

Writing down thoughts,feelings,desires,problems or anything that you want to write will be there for you to reread at a later date.

Writing in a journal can give you insight into the triggers, problems or patterns that may be hindering personal growth and the fulfillment of your goals.

By thinking and writing all this information down I have been able to find out within myself the work that I need to do to get my mind back to a positive attitude and therefore back to success.

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