UK Corporations Feeling the Financial Crunch, But Don't Panic as Advice is Available!

by Ian Robinson - Date: 2008-09-03 - Word Count: 526 Share This!

Your business may not be a high-profile company that makes headlines every month but that does not mean you cannot have the same problems as Northern Rock or Bradford & Bingley.  After years of being successful and profitable you may find that your company is currently having financial difficulties and you need more cash.  Before you set out to raise more cash any way you can imagine, take the time to speak to a lawyer and discuss all your legal options.

It is important that any business acts early when they start to see a decline in finances.  You need to review your businesses cash flow on a regular basis even if you have an accountant or a financial department.  Whilst you may delegate the financial process of your company to other people, do not make the mistake of not reviewing the financial statements.  Stay up-to-date with your company's finances and you will be able to adjust quickly when financial difficulties start to appear.

If you do find your business is in need of more cash do not panic and start making poor decisions that could jeopardize your business.  Whilst it is important to plan for a downtimes and be proactive before the creditors start calling, sometimes the problem will catch you by surprise and you may find yourself needing to take action quickly.  The Companies Act of 2006 sets out the duties directors owe a company and you need to ensure that you follow these guidelines.  Speaking to a lawyer can help you keep on top of the current regulations and verify that your company is following all the appropriate laws for every country your company does business in.

If you trade while insolvent you could be breaking the law.  Whilst you may be panicked due to your company's cash flow problems, it is important to take the advice of your lawyers and financial personnel in order to make sensible and legal decisions for your business.  You may need to make some tough choices that require you to change the structure of your business.  You may need to let some of your employees go but whatever decisions you need to make you should discuss your choices with a lawyer to always confirm you are following the appropriate laws correctly. 

It is understandable to make foolish and short sided decisions when your business is in trouble.  If you built a large company from the ground up, you may be feeling that the company's financial problems are your own problems.  It is important that during tough financial time you take charge and make arrangement with any creditors. 

If you need assistance in negotiating settlements and arrangements with creditors a experienced solicitor can assist you with the process. 

It may be possible to sell off the shares in the company or the company assets instead of liquidating the entire company or filing for bankruptcy.  You may be able to save your company and rebuild once your cash issues are resolved. A solicitor can help you plan your business future and keep you focused during a very difficult time in your business career.

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