Hip Hop the World's Most Popular Genre of Music

by Kevin Cox - Date: 2007-01-17 - Word Count: 281 Share This!

There are many reasons why Hip Hop is so popular world wide. One of these reasons is the fact that Hip hop is a form of music that can transcend culture. Some will say it's a skill others say it's a talent. The realty of this is Hip Hop is a mixer of both. Hip Hop will always be here with us because of it diversity, any culture can adopt it to their experience. Hip Hop unlike other genres can merge into other forms of music. It can be mix with rock, country, reggae and many others.

Hip Hop is also easier to get into than other genres. In many under develop nations where people can't afford music lesson or instrument. Hip Hop is a way they can express themselves without using a lot of resources. All it takes is an open mind and a pen and a pad. Another factor that makes Hip Hop so popular world wild, is it ability to spread a message. A Hip Hop song has more word than most other genres of music. That makes it easier to get a point across and to inform others.

With the prices of computers going down and software getting better plus the Internet it look like Hip Hop will have a big independent and international movement coming soon. No one can ever predict what direction Hip Hop will take in the future, but indications show that there is a good chance that Hip Hop will be here for a long time to come.

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