Programming your Brain for Success: What are Alpha Waves?

by Maria Markella - Date: 2007-03-05 - Word Count: 354 Share This!

A lot has been said about our brain's electrical activity and its ability to create electromagnetic oscillations called waves or brainwaves. There are different types of brainwaves Depending on their frequency range (Alpha, Beta, Omega etc.). One of the most important type of brainwaves is the Alpha type (Alpha waves).

Alpha waves where discovered by Berger in the early 70's. He discovered that Alpha waves were arising due to electrical activity of brain cells in our brains. These brainwaves can be easily detected during periods of deep relaxation or sleep. Berger proved that when we feel happy and relaxed our brain "transmits" those low frequency waves.

So when our mind and body enters a relaxed state our brain starts sending those particular waves. Or is it the other way around? Yes it is. It's when our brain sends out those Alpha waves that we feel relaxed and happy. So, the next question is. Is there a way for us to trigger our brain's mechanism, to create those Alpha oscillations and enter a relaxed and happy mind state?

After years of research, scientists came up to the conclusion that brainwaves (and especially Alpha waves) can be altered so that we can feel relaxed and happy on demand. But how can we do that? Experiments and studies on people practicing Yoga showed that these people have increased alpha activities. Other studies have showed that by listening to certain sounds we can trigger the source of Alpha brainwaves and start feeling happier than ever.

A method called Alpha Biofeedback became very popular a few decades ago. Then it was abandoned due to unprofessional practices but today we are ready to scientifically use this method to help people produce more Alpha waves and lead them to a state of happiness and relaxation. People can consciously create Alpha waves. It's a fact.

The idea behind the Alpha Biofeedback method is that if people were given enough quick feedback when Alpha waves were produced, then they could go on producing more Alpha waves on demand. People can be taught how to produce Alpha waves and enter a state of relaxation whenever they feel like it!

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