Internet Marketing Strategy News: Social Media Making Inroads into Mainstream News Providers

by S. Falkow - Date: 2007-03-10 - Word Count: 247 Share This!

There has been an interesting development in the Reuters Internet Marketing Strategy. You know you're making your mark when a media stalwart like Reuters pays millions of dollars for a share in a blog distribution start-up. Social media could ask for no better endorsement.

Reuters has invested $7 million in Pluck, the world's biggest blog syndication network, called BlogBurst. BlogBurst connects newspapers and other media sites to 2,800 selected blogs, helping traditional media supplement their journalism with blog viewpoints, says the official announcement.

Web logs, or blogs, have become a major source of commentary and reader feedback on the Internet. Traditional media have increasingly turned to blogs for insight and analysis, says Reuters.

If you're still wondering whether a blog could be a good media relation and PR tool, perhaps this is the final push you need to make blogs part of your Internet marketing strategy.

Of course Reuters won't be indexing just any blog. "Selected blogs" is the key phrase here. Technorati indexes millions of blogs and the number doubles every 6 months. Pluck syndicates 2,800.

In real estate the mantra is location, location, location. You need to think content, content, content.They want blogs that offer insight and analysis--interesting content their readers will want to consume.

Keep in mind the eMarketer findings on why people read blogs--the number one reason is, "To get news and information I can't find elsewhere." Provide that in your blog as part of your Internet Marketing Strategy and you'll have a good chance of making the cut.

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