Turning Your Passion Into a Career

by Lisa Thomas - Date: 2007-10-23 - Word Count: 805 Share This!

Today someone asked me the question in this really sincere way. I've often wondered she said, how you do what you do? I mean how do you to make money? Are you sincere or is it all to make money? I thought it was a fair question so I replied.

The question had been raised once before so I thought it befitting to begin to bring some critical pieces of success to the forefront of everyone's mind.

First, sometimes I believe it's difficult to wrap one's mind around doing what you love or what you're truly authentically passionate about and making money, well unless you have done it or are currently doing it. It just seems difficult for people to believe those things can live in the same domain. I was one of those people for a long time.

I was always told I had to work hard for anything I truly wanted and especially money. I had to put in my time and work really, really hard. With that kind of knowledge in the background of my mind, I had a subtle, but honest disbelief that I could really make money doing what you love. So I can understand the mind of others having the question how is she "really" doing it?

There were a few obstacles I had to overcome during my journey. If I had to summarize it all, I'd say there were a few key and critical things uncovered that had to be addressed in order for success to be available to me through my passion.

I discovered these along the way:

First, I needed focus. I needed direction and concentrated focus. So, I defined my vision, my purpose. I became clear about what I wanted. In my quietest moments when it was just God and I, I became clear about my truest hearts desire. I found that place where I was complete in being here on earth.

Secondly, I needed faith and belief. I believed it would materialize. I believed with everything that I am it could and would happen.

Thirdly, I realized my worth. I resolved in my mind that my vision, my purpose, my passion, my desires and wants were all of value.

I believed my vision was worthy of success. I had to come to terms with my worth. This was the most challenging hurdle.

I had to be real with myself about myself. You see I'd done a little thesis on myself. Subconsciously I'd researched my past and found evidence that I was undeserving of success, wealth or prosperity. Funny, how the mind works. I'd assessed my whole life and came up with "not worthy". So I reassessed my life and adopted a new mantra; "I have God's Power, His Ability and His Anointing. I will surrender to God's love. I have the blessing and I am worthy."

This can be the most challenging for others also. Getting your "true" worth is vital.

And fourth and foremost, I established an economic model for my vision, purpose and passion. In other words, my vision, purpose and passion had to have a business model with strategic sales and marketing plans, financials and operational procedures.

I realized that in order to have my life set up to fulfill on my vision and divine purpose, I needed to be paid therefore, I needed a successful business model for it.

And fifth, I didn't have extra money to fund the business while it grew so I had to manage my finances strategically and effectively. Implementing the knowledge from my financial background and learning more about the game of financial planning was also key and critical. I did some very basic things like:

* Learning to live well below my means during the time I was turning
my passion into a career
* Establishing boundaries for spending, lending and borrowing
* Establishing savings strategies
* Establishing Investment strategies
* Streamlining my personal and business financial plan

It started with focus and it ends with focus, I believe.

I always remained focused on the vision rather than the circumstances or the things happening in the moment. I love what Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith said to his son in the Pursuit of Happiness. "You got a dream, you got a protect it", and that's what I did. I protected the vision, the purpose, the passion and the dreams; un-wavering, un-shakable and un-movable…

And now that I have addressed these critical areas, I am living a life of power, passion and dreams come true.

I wouldn't say that I don't occasionally bump up against the critical areas however I've overcome them, therefore I always have the choice to remain on the course of my dreams, vision, passion and purpose.

I'd say to you, live every moment as if it were your last and give your vision everything you've got until you reach your goals…

It is well worth the ride!

The Power Lives Within You and It's Always been there!

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