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I write to you because I too love money. I love money because it allows me to get the things I want and need in life. Money is a tool to purchase goods and services. I find myself in need when I don't have money to eat. I find myself in need when I don't have money to pay rent. I find myself in need when I can't get gas in my car to get to work. I find myself in need when I can't help someone who is in need. Let's face it, we all need money. Now, I'm not talking about getting rich. I am talking about providing the bare essentials to sustain life: food, shelter, and clothing. I remember my college years. I used to go to the plasma clinic every couple of days and give plasma. I got paid about 30 dollars each time. If it hadn't been for this income, I couldn't have eaten a lot of times. I couldn't have gotten supplies and books that were needed for class. I couldn't even dream of asking that dreamy girl that passed my way out for a date. I had to get my hands on some cash!

I remember those days so well. I remember I was about 2 hours drive away from home. I was in a foreign city amongst a majority of people who I didn't even know. I was alone. I was on my own. In a financial crisis and I needed help. I had a car with a bad catalytic converter and it would not pull a hill. It took about 5 minutes to get up to 40mph on level ground and I had to pump the gas pedal the whole time. I had a very big hill to climb to get to the store and to the clinic where I gave plasma. I remember the joy that I had after leaving the clinic and knowing I had some cash in my pocket. Thirty dollars sure meant a lot to me back then. I would go to the store and stock up on Ramen noodles and wieners. I lived in the dorm but I did have a small refrigerator to put cold items in thanks to my family members. It was rough. Sounds pretty bad doesn't it? Well, it's all true. Now, I can look back and see that I was getting food free from the cafeteria, so I could eat. Yet, there is nothing like having some cash on you. How many times have you heard someone say I wish I knew then what I know now! I tell you the truth, I wish I did know it then. What you might ask? I would have to say without a doubt Internet Marketing.

Internet marketing is controversial. Many people don't think it's possible to make money on the Internet. I am here today to tell you friend it is very possible. You see, I had plenty of spare time on my hands in college simply because I didn't have the money to go out. I didn't have the means to the end I desired. I got by with the plasma, but I could have gotten over with Internet Marketing. Now look, I am not a fan of needles. I spent most of my childhood in the hospital with IV's in my arms and getting breathing treatments for asthma. I never could get perfect attendance for school because I was always in the hospital. Getting stuck with needles! I tell you friend, plasma was a last ditch effort to get some money.

Now, I know you have heard the hype around Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. The hype indeed is a scam. Anyone that tells you that you can make a fortune on the internet overnight is straight up lying to you! It takes time. You have to learn how to advertise to be successful. I am going to name drop a couple of affiliate programs that you have heard of that can help you see that if you put in the effort to learn to advertise or market, you can be successful. The names are McDonald's, Mary Kay, and Pre Paid Legal just to name a few. I know you might be asking McDonald's? When did that become an affiliate program? McDonald's is a franchise. That means that the franchise owner took the time to build a unique product, brand, and promotional materials. Any one on the street can purchase this business-in-a-box and use it to open their own McDonald's restaurant and it will look like all the others. The food will taste the same because it's prepared the same. Every thing is calculated and tested.

This is what you get with a business-in-a-box. It is a business that's ready for you to use. Now, you do have to do some work ok, but it's a proven system that you have bought. If you do the work you will see the results. That's how Mary Kay is so well known. That's why Pre Paid legal has so many clients. The secret is in the system. Systems revolve around repetition. The system is broken down into tasks that anyone can do and the system is passed down to each franchise owner, distributor, and affiliate. A good Internet Marketing program is the same way. I am a part of such a system. I am making income right now that equals the income I had from the plasma bank. This income is needle free and it is getting easier to do the system to make it come in daily. This is the bottom line. Internet Marketing is very real. There is money to be made. Just don't look for it to come all at once with no effort because it will never happen. If you just do the work, the income will build and the job of advertising will get easier. So again friend I ask Who Loves Money? Do you? I know I do!

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