Unexplained Infertility Now Explained

by Tehmina Mazher - Date: 2008-09-18 - Word Count: 363 Share This!

Do you want to conceive? What is possibly wrong with your or your partner's fertility? Please do not despair. There is great hope for you to become parents and very soon! Right now is the best time to be embarking on your journey of fertility and parenthood. That's because medical technology is continuing to advance and has come so far that you have many choices and options. If practical, you may want to try a natural approach to fertility first. There are natural ways to conceive with nutrition choices, lifestyle changes, and alternative techniques. Of course, the assisted reproductive technologies are also available. So many new and emerging fertility technologies exist today that anyone who dreams of becoming a mommy or daddy has good reason to feel hopeful and optimistic.

Additionally, fertility issues have come out of the closet and people are talking openly about them. Thank goodness people are finally realizing that fertility dilemmas are nothing to be ashamed of and it helps to share your experiences and thoughts with others. It's perfectly normal for you to feel a wide range of emotions, from crying to jumping with joy. These are completely normal and natural feelings. For 10 to 15 percent of all infertile couples, a definite cause of the infertility cannot be identified. Such cases are referred to as unexplained infertility. However, some good news is that as many as 60 percent of these couples will eventually conceive without treatment within three years.

Treatment for unexplained infertility presents a challenge for both the couple and the fertility specialist. Some fertility doctors recommend a treatment of Clomid, Gonadotropin, or both to stimulate egg follicle production. This is followed by sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation or artificial insemination with the partner's sperm. If pregnancy still does not occur, then various assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), may be performed.

The most important thing is that you are smart and taking the time to learn about your body and your options. That means you'll be able to make the best choices and decisions for you and your unborn baby when those situations present themselves. And they are about to do so-very soon.

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