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by ROB FLEMING - Date: 2010-01-08 - Word Count: 472 Share This!

Keeping your blog visible on Google should be your top priority, but sometimes a busy schedule, or other business concerns can hinder your online promotion strategies, and a prolonged lapse in publishing new articles to marketing blogs could mean a substantial decrease in rankings, number of indexed pages, and traffic!

Hiring a freelance writer could be the answer to your online business marketing needs providing quality keyword rich marketing articles that will produce a constant flow of new and useful content about your blog on the search engines At all times. Using a freelance writer is like having a personal marketing team publishing new content that will:

1. Keep your website visible on the search engines

2. Present your products and services in new ways

3. Provoke your blogs readers with news that will encourage them to take your calls to action

4. Drive traffic to your site with unique new content

5. Help build your PageRank with hundreds of useful content that include relevant keyword based back links

6. Expose your blog to hundreds of new potential new customers with each new promotion article

7. Save time and promotion costs by outsourcing your sites marketing

Hiring a freelance writer will reduce the amount of time you spend undertaking your websites online promotion letting you focus your energy on other important business matters.

The art of writing keyword rich marketing articles is a fine balance of SEO and communication, exciting your blogsites visitors with information that offers value and usefulness to their needs without overselling, while at the same time engaging them to take your calls to action. The wrong tone, or direction in your promotion article can actually hurt your marketing campaign, and that is why so many online businesses take advantage of freelance writers for their skills in developing fresh articles for blogsites as well as saturating article directories with hundreds of unique articles with helpful content that include keyword infused anchor text back links to your website.

Hiring a freelance writer is also simpler than you think; there are hundreds of sites that are dedicated to helping your find and hire a writer that will suit your websites needs. Another valuable reason to hire a freelance writer is while he or she is busy promoting your business with engaging content each article that is published will also be seen by the writer's followers within the social networking sites and undoubtedly be further promoted throughout the internet as each follower posts comments or tweets on other blogs about the writers newest published articles, giving your blog an additional audience.

Rob Fleming is a Freelance writer for hire with over 10 years experience in Developing unique keyword rich copy, Article Promotion, and SEO techniques. He has authored hundreds of powerful articles on building site authority and driving traffic to websites.

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