Bridal Shower Invitations and the Bridal Shower Checklist

by Jeff Fain - Date: 2008-11-05 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

Rarely does the Maid of Honor get a moment's rest when the subject of the bridal shower is broached. You see, the Maid of Honor has the exclusive role of planning, budgeting, and performing all the arrangements related to the bridal shower. A budgetary checklist can speed up her plans and enable her to focus on more important things like taking care of the bridal party at the wedding and providing moral support to the bride and living her own life in general. Of course, let's not forget that she's solely responsible for selecting, addressing, cross-checking, proofreading, accepting, sending out, and mailing the bridal shower invitations.

This sample list below will help the esteemed Maid of Honor to joyfully fulfill her duties in the sending out of bridal shower invitations. The reason is that she'll have much more free time to pick out the right bridal shower invitations if the other duties are taken care of first. It's unwise to pick the first invitations at a discount store because the bride's friends want to know that the bride thinks highly of her own bridal shower. Without an elegant and tasteful bridal shower, the bride could be stepping into a marriage without the right footing. The right kind of preparation was traditionally given at a bridal shower. That's right. Not just gifts, games, movies, ice breakers, and food are the things of a bridal shower. Traditionally, women from all the bride's areas of the bride's life were brought in to provide comfort, information, facts, opinions, and homespun advice about what it takes to stay married and be a proper wife.

The Maid of Honor will be very pleased to have a checklist with the following items so she can cross them off when she handles them appropriately. Read the following: invitations, reception hall and fees, food, beverages, paper products, paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils, cake, decorations, streamers, balloons, Helium tank rentals, chair rentals, favors, film and processing fees, entertainment, the DJ, movies, music, the arts, games, ice breakers, wine, champagne, and several miscellaneous slots and space for additional comments, etc.

Bridal shower invitations are not a hasty enterprise. Get the best people on the job and coach your Maid of Honor a lot. Sometimes, you may have to take some matters into your hands if the Maid of Honor can't be reached or seems out of touch with the celebration.

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