Make Your Website Do the Atkin's Diet

by Jesicca Thompson - Date: 2010-06-26 - Word Count: 509 Share This!

Does your website behaving badly as it takes ages to load and visitors get mad eventually leaving your website? Because they don't want to spend centuries waiting for your website to load and if you are running a business than it can be horrendous for you and your company. For this, you need to have a balanced website with no over-done content, graphically appealing and easy loading times. As the internet is getting faster and faster we cannot just sit on our hands and think that we should not worry about the loading time because people want fast results and they don't understand the technical aspects eventually closing down the browser showing that website.

Therefore, I would recommend you to make your website do the atkin's diet….

Do not give your website excessive junk food:

Now, as you know how important the loading time of the website is you must also know how to improve the loading time of your website. What you have to do is just get rid of the excessive material out of your business website. You must be thinking, what are those excessive materials; just as you omit eating extra food in your diet, step making your website eat more. Get rid of extra lengthy content, stupid background music, irrelevant images and you will see by yourself how much your website has improved with respect to the loading time.

Try to communicate with the customers if your website is having problems:

Don't let you website eat all the food in one day that is don't put the large bulky images on the index page, rather put them in the gallery. Make sure you communicate with your customers that is when your site takes a lading time than provide them with a little note like, " Please wait, while the image is being load, thank you" or a rollover advice so that they know it will take some time in the loading of the website. Therefore, in this way you can engage your visitors on the website for some seconds. After you have get rid of the extra content, images, background music and everything that can irritate a visitor, the communication technique that I have told you will not only generate your website traffic but also heighten up your business revenue to some extent. Also this can be very useful if your website is undergoing some changes. Thus, understanding the psyche of the visitors can help you a lot to make your website a success.

Make small chunks of those BIG images:

You must know that, the websites having bulky images takes a long time to load, so try to avoid incorporating these type of images, and if you have to use them in the website than, make sure to cut them short. This is a bit difficult as well; you can do this by slicing the images that is cut them into small chunks and place them back on it. Also, you can change the format of the image from bitmap to JPEG or GIF, for bitmap takes much longer time to load.

Jesicca Thompson works as a design consultant at professional logo design company. She has expertise in small business logo design and custom web designn
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