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Do you feel constipated frequently? Do you postpone your bowel movements? Do you exclude roughage from your diet? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, you are at high risk of getting hemaroids.

Hemaroids refers to a condition where the blood vessels of and around your anus become swollen. This causes extreme discomfort to a person and can also result in bleeding. Hemaroids was the most common digestive disorder reported in 2003. About 23 million adults in America were reported to have hemorrhoids in 2003.

Hemaroids- The reasons behind

The widely known and prominent reason behind hemaroids is anatomical disadvantage. The veins of the lower rectum of the anus bear the weight of the blood column. This pressure tends to overstrain the area and results in hemaroids.

There are various types of pressures which contribute to the cause of hemaroids. The common factors are- pregnancy, forcing a bowl movement, holding of breath during exertion and constipation.

Hemaroids- Advice

No person is exempted from the possibility of developing hemaroids. However there are certain tips which can prevent you from becoming a victim of hemaroids.

Eating a healthy diet

Hemaroids are almost directly related to the bowel movements. So it is essential that you maintain healthy bowels through intake of proper diets. You should include plenty of water and juices in your regular diet. Consuming more water keeps your stool smooth and soft. You should at least drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Including juices is also a good option. Apart from providing water content to your body, they also provide required nutrition to your body. On the other hand you should reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine.

You should add a lot of roughage and bulk to your diet. You can attain roughage by consuming raw fruits and vegetables like cabbage and carrot. You can also add bran and whole grains to your diet. Bran helps in absorbing the water and making stool soft and easier to pass. Roughage helps in movement of your stool and even prevents you from the problems of constipation.


If you are suffering from hamaroids, you should take rest until the bleeding and discomfort stops. It is not always necessary to go for a treatment. If the bleeding stops you can again get back to work, but you should at least consult your doctor.

Regular bowel movement

You should never delay or postpone your bowels. When you feel the need to go to bathroom, you should go immediately. Do not prolong the defecation for a more convenient time, or you would develop irritating hemaroids. You should defecate at least two times a day- one in the morning and then in the evening to keep your bowels clean.

Sit in warm water

You should sit in warm water for at least 10-15 minutes, every day. Sitting in warm water would give you relief against inflammation and swelling. It would also help to reduce swelling, allowing you to be more comfortable. You should do it at least 4 times a day.

Wipe gently

You should not wipe yourself hard with a toilet paper; this could further irritate your hamaroids and can cause bleeding. Instead you should moisten the cotton balls with water and the wipe. This would provide temporary relief to the hemaroids.

If the problem persists consult a physician who would recommend surgery for you. Following these above tips, you can surely prevent and get relief from hemaroids.

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