The Best Sexual Position for Array Older Guys

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In the best sexual position series, we have endeavored to bring you new and pertinent sex health information not readily available elsewhere. In this article we discuss the best sexual position for an older man use. Our authority will be Errol Flynn.

Errol Flynn

The famous phrase "in like Flynn" seemed to appear in the early 1940s when Errol was on trial for "statutory rape" of two under-aged girls. The girls were 18 and Errol was 33.

Errol was acquitted, but human nature being what it was, his reputation was fixed thereafter.

The incident, and a great more detail can be found in Errol's own book, ‘My Wicked Wicked Ways'. However, a quote by Nor a Eddington (later to be one of Flynn's wives) commenting on the trial,

"I seriously doubt it; a guy like Flynn doesn't have to rape a girl. His problem is how to prevent them from raping him."

Flynn lived until only 50, and died on his yacht while with his girlfriend.

It is from one of his many women (always much younger than himself) where we found Flynn's favorite (and best) sexual position. There is no way to prove the information is correct, but sincere research into his, and the lives of other sexual masters, bears out some similarities that gives credence to our information.

Flynn was a heavy drinker, used opium and smoked continuously (both tobacco and cannabis). Sex under those conditions, and with younger women, would prove also additional evidence that our information is correct.

The Flynn Position

This will be a woman on top position, but in three variations. The first is the woman mounting the man astride, where the man simply lies down, and the woman mounts him, and herself facilitates penetration.

The woman will support herself while resting her hands on the man's chest, and do all the movement, in a bump and grind, and then forward churning motion.

At this point the man grabs the woman's back and pulls her down to him, chest to breast. At this point the man starts thrusting, and the woman will be able to kiss the man, or put her head slightly to the side of his. Women tend to orgasm very quickly in this position.

The Flynn position will then shift with the woman, now sitting up aside again, but still penetrated, swivel to face away from the man. The man has now a wonderful view of his penetration, and the woman's buttocks and genital area.

The man facilitates the woman in rising and falling on his penis, and then, the woman, while fully penetrated, goes back to her churning movement, rubbing very hard her clitoral area against the man's. Again, orgasm for the woman can arrive very quickly and profoundly.

A Note on the Flynn Position

Our hero, Errol, had by reputation, great powers of self-control (over his climax and ejaculation). The position above would prove out to facilitate that control, except for the middle pose where the woman and man are chest to breast.

As to this being the best position for an older guy and younger woman, we would invite all prospective candidates for this to try and agree with or dispute the validity of Errol Flynn.

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