Why Disney Games Enjoy Such Popularity Amongst Kids?

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Disney games have been very popular for decades. They keep our children entertained for hours, while teaching them skills they will need later in life.

There are many different types of Disney games. Whether your child is playing online or a board game there are so many options that they are sure to offer hours of playtime.

Sites like disneyplayhouse.com offers games for even the youngest player. The games are fun and colorful and offer a unique learning experience combine with action and adventure. For your older children, disneygamecafe.com offers more sophisticated games that are just as fun and are also downloadable for hours of enjoyment. Many adults enjoy playing these games with their children.

Of course, the board games that Disney created that kept kids entertained are still available. These are still the favorite among many children because the games contain the characters of their favorite Disney movies.

Disney games also include video games. A new console that has been introduced to the market is called "Disney Game – It." The games for this system still offer the Disney character only in a portable unit similar to other hand held games.

Popularity Of Disney Games

Playhousedisney.com is especially designed with preschoolers in mind. They can sign in every morning to play free games that are designed around the characters that are on the Disney channel.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jo Jo's Circus, Handy Manny, Higgly Town Heroes are among the many shows that the Disney channel airs that are part of the playhousedisney.com games.

What is unique about this website is that each of these characters has a special section of the Disney game website that allows the child to use their imagination and create the characters wardrobe and add accessories.

Disneygamecafe.com is geared more toward older children and adults. The games on this site are free for the trial period and then need to be paid for after it ends. Characters from Aladdin, Kim Possible and Cinderella are among the games that are offered. They are fully downloadable and offer hours of fun for children of all ages.

Why Kids Enjoy Disney Games

When a child knows and identifies with the characters in a video game or on a website, they naturally want to play the games more often.

Children enjoy playing these games because they can interact with the lovable and not so lovable characters of Disney. Both website games and video games allow the child to interact with the game play.

Of course, older children know that cartoon characters are not real. However they still love to play games based on Disney characters. The Disney games that are for older children revolve are characters from Hannah Montana and that's So Raven.

The games offer challenges like problem solving and puzzles that teenagers deal with in every day life. It gives them the ability to choose different solutions and pick which one is best.

Not Everything Is Fun

Most of these games that are offered online and offline are basically the same game with different characters. The child will play the same game only with different characters and not even realize it. He or she could play the same game over and over to learn the concept and develop a strategy to win.


Whether it is a board game, video game or online game, Disney games are available to everyone from the very young to the young at heart.

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