10 Home Remedies for Chemothery Side Effects

by Donna Parra - Date: 2007-01-07 - Word Count: 788 Share This!

This is my second "go round" with cancer and chemoptherapy, this time I'm much more educated in helping myself deal with side effects and would like to pass my remedies on to others.

Chemotherapy affects the stomach in a very devastating manner from the top to the bottom and though the prescribed Katrill was a life saver, it doesn't do it "all". Here are a few home remedies your oncologist will not tell you about...he's busy with the chemical aspect of treating the disease and not much into home remedies....I am!

Ginger has long been known as an anti-nausea agent....I used fresh ginger, sliced it up thinly and put it in the freezer. I would put a few slices from the freezer into a cup of hot water and sip it as tea. I was surprised to read that they have a clinical trial going on using ginger in capsule form to treat nausea in chemo patients...worked for me!

Aloe is another soothing agent to the stomach and intestinal tract and aloe water is tasteless and can be found in any supermarket in the produce department. It's inexpensive and helpful...I personally know a man that cured himself of bleeding ulcers with aloe juice, his doctor was amazed.

3 white food
Now for eating....I read many years ago that eating "white food" was a good idea as most white food doesn't have a strong smell or strong taste....I can't say that it worked for me but it could work for you. I'm a believer in organic food and foods made from scratch....we have enough chemicals racing around our body, we don't need more. You might want to check out the "Budwig Diet" on the internet.

4. baldness
Your oncologist will tell you if you will lose your hair....for me it was somewhat of a blessing, not having to shave my legs, no blow drying etc. Cut your hair very short and once it starts falling out, shave it! The American Cancer Society will give you wigs free of cost....I prefer my baldness as I live in Florida and I also have a nicely shaped head. My eyebrow are very sparse and rather than pencil them in, I use eye shadow that I apply with a brush....it's more natural looking.

5. attitude
Should you experience depression...fight it, talk to yourself, convince yourself that depression will not help you and imagine yourself healthy again....and smile as you talk to yourself...I don't know why, but it works.

6. acupuncture
I went to an acupuncturist during my first experience with cancer....it helped so much with the horrendous headaches and the nausea. I don't know why I didn't do it through this battle.

7. water
Drinking water is of the utmost importance and I'm sure your doctor will tell you that, but he doesn't tellyou to drink mineralized water which will put your body in an alkaline state...for more info on this subject you can e-mail me at donnaparra595@bellsouth.net. exercise DO NOT let yourself become a couch potato....even if you must force yourself to walk around the block, it will be helpful. Somedays you must force yourself to put one foot in front of the other....but do it. Exercise helps your body, but it also helps your mind. You will feel good about yourself and proud.

8. grooming
Keeping yourself well-groomed can be an effort on some days, but it's a must! I found on the days I HAD to go out and groom myself with make-up etc....something magical happened and I'd feel better....the effort was great but well worth it......I try and do that everyday now. I mean beyond taking a shower and brushing my teeth.

9. prayer
I think one of the most important remedies is prayer....it has such power and has gotten me through some really rough times. I don't know how it works, IT WORKS.

10. power of prayer
Oops! Forgot something.....dealing with constipation. I hate the thickness of prune juice and read on the internet to combat that.....put dried prunes in a cup,pour boiling water over them....drink the liquid while warm and then eat the prunes. One woman told me her nurse told her to add a bit of butter to it......I chose to pass on that one but the woman found it quite effective. Flaxseed is also quite effective and you can add them to your cereal or mix them in a salad or just eat a teaspoonful......of course, taking laxatives work but they are not a good idea unless it's an emergency as your body will come dependent of them.

Good luck to all you "warriors" and I hope that I've helped you in your battle....it's a tough battle but it can be won.....keep positive.....it's the attitude that will get you through this....fight on and beat it!

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I'm a single woman battling cancer for the second time....and winning. I feel if I can help someone in anyway, then I must. My computer has been a blessing through all of this and I have researched the internet and have gained so through all the knowledge compiled. If you'd like to contact me you can do so at donnaparra595@bellsouth.net and check out my website www.xoomaworldwide.com/dparra595.

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