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Fourposter beds are those beds that have four posts, one in each corner that is generally capped at the top. Because of this design, this style of bed is known as fourposter bed. These Fourposter Beds were earlier designed to support a tester, from which curtains would hang and would enclose the bed. Such a design would provide protection from draft and insects. Originally, these fourposter beds were designed keeping these specific needs in mind. But, modern designs of these beds have made it simply into nostalgic piece of furniture that provides a very traditional look to the bedroom.

Modern canopy beds serve some of the original use of a fourposter bed, but most popular fourposter beds are simply beds with four ornamental posts, each of these posts are capped with a decorative topper. The ball and post is very common to fourposter beds giving the bed a distinctive traditional style. Canopy beds should also be considered as a kind of fourposter bed providing either romantic or juvenile style to the furniture.

These fourposter beds are available in a number of varying styles ranging from traditional to colonial. The usual design of a fourposter bed would consist of a headboard and a footboard, though the inclusion of footboard is not always necessary. These fourposter beds are available in different starting from twin to king size, but the most popular size of these beds are twin and full and these are sizes that most commonly purchased.

Though, at present, the bed does not require the protection from draft and insect but still many people still prefer the decorative element of a fourposter bed, especially in a traditional or early American style. These designs could be feminine or masculine in nature, making them ideal even for children's bedroom. The traditional design of a fourposter bed works very well when quilts and shams are used for dressing the bed. Besides traditional fourposter beds, these beds are now available in modern style in slim, sleek designs to make them more suitable with the requirements of modern home décor.

These fourposter beds could found in both in wood and metal construction. Canopy beds are an option for these beds. This option is quite popular with young girls. It is a good option, considering that these canopies could be discarded later on turning the bed into a standard fourposter one.

Therefore, if you are looking a fourposter bed for your bedroom, you should contact a number of retailers to choose a design you would like as well as within your budget too.

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