Building A Network Marketing Business

by Jordan Hanthorn - Date: 2007-06-14 - Word Count: 732 Share This!

Setting out on your own to build a network marketing business initially appears to be a daunting task, and it can be, but it is also a most satisfying accomplishment. Most large network marketing businesses take several years or more to build, although there are some exceptions to this rule.

I have heard of people making ninety thousand dollars a month after their first year. Although there have been numerous books about Network marketing from such names as George Faiva, Tim Sales, Zig Ziglar and a host of others, you will find if you research the subject in depth that very few Network marketing downlines were built in exactly the same fashion.

There are so many ways to build a downline (also known as an 'organization', 'sales force' or 'community') that this type of business definately favors the creative mind. Perhaps the toughest aspect of network marketing or multi-level marketing (mlm) is the patience it requires to succeed.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people who join mlm drop out or are mostly inactive, which is of course very frustrating. Nonetheless, most individuals who stay with the business and work it coinsistently are handsomely rewarded in the end. A major positive aspect of network marketing is the the modest level of investment.

Many multi-level marketing organizations can be launched for as little as $1000 and under. Compare this to a franchise, most of which require at least $100,000 to start (and in many cases much more) and which are not immune to employee and other problems normally associated with brick and mortar and food service businesses. The payout is not immediete on these types of business systems either.

In Network marketing, however, you deal have to sometimes deal with a negative stigma in some people's minds regarding the industry. Cliche's such as "is this a pyramid scheme?" or "is this a Ponzi scheme" are occasionally uttered by some prospects. In addition, friends and family are often not supportive in the beginning because of the high dropout rate or other factors.

It appears that the 'old school' or Wave 2 network marketing methods had something to do with this attitude. In that way of thinking, you were often expected to buy large quantities of product and store it in your garage or basement, drag neighbors to mlm meetings and so on.

Those days are generally over, but their memory persists for some people. These days, most products are drop shipped directly by the company and training and recruiting are generally done via conference call. Network marketing has come a long way, and attitudes are changing ever so slowly.

What is called 'Wave4' Network marketing has come into view, and it is characterized by conference calls for training, more sophisticated lead generation techniques, drop shipping and more use of the internet. It is estimated by some including Robert Kiyosaki that since we are now in the information age, network marketing will become more and more popular. In the industrial age, there was more job security; people could often expect to work the same job all of their life and the company would take care of their retirement.

But the information age, which we have been in since around 1992 or so, characterized by more frequent job changes, which will result in less job security, and especially fewer retirement benefits. This will influence more people to give network marketing a chance, the arguement goes; Time will tell.

There are other compelling reasons to believe this industry will grow considerably. Modern technology, and especially the PC, has allowed people to enter this business who never could have in the past. The industry has changed considerably and has been embraced by big corporate players such as At&T.

There is the misconception among some people that a network marketing company is similiar to a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme. But this is not at all the case. Many sincere men and women are building legitimate businesses with this proven system. In fact, when Donald Trump was asked years ago in New York by David Letterman what he would do if he happened to lose all of his wealth and had to start over again, he replied that he would find a good network marketing company and would get to work. In my opinion Network Marketing will get bigger and gain more recognition and credibility in the near future.

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